Although there is close to £3 billion spent in the UK each year here within the UK alone, there are an alarming number of women wearing the wrong size, ill fitting bras that could be doing more harm than causing aesthetic defects that can be seen through clothing. It has been proven in many medical tests that wearing incorrectly fitting bras can cause undue stress on the back and spine, leading to complications, especially for ladies with larger breasts and wider shoulders.

There is so much that many women fail to realise when choosing the right bra, often opting for style over support and it is so that there is now more and more help for you when picking out the perfect bras to suit your figure. The first step is to realise that there are now thousands of bras from many reputable manufacturers in a huge array of cup sizes and measurements, with additional companies specialising in much larger cup sizes, particularly for those women who opt for breast augmentation procedures to obtain a fuller breast and enhanced cleavage, basically speaking...bigger boobs.

Over the last century the average breast measurements have increased, mostly down to a change in diets and lifestyles and now far more women sport a larger cup size than women who lived at the turn of the last century. Because of this there has been a steady emphasis applied to the design of bras, especially over the last 50 years or so to create far more ranges to accommodate the significant changes occurring within the female anatomy. Taking into account a general increase in the size of the average female bosom, designers have worked to create so many selections of comfortable yet appealing bras to suit a diverse range of ladies, from sports bras with Lycra supporting features to various ranges of stylish, sleek and sometimes raunchy designs for all occasions.

Without a doubt we are faced with a huge choice now, thanks in many ways to the power and flexibility of the internet as a means of sourcing the ideal and perfect bras and other items of lingerie. And so with this there is no reason why you shouldn’t take the time to ensure you choose the most beneficial and properly fitting bra you can. Major brands such as Freya are one company that have presented their Freya Bra range in a delectable range of fashionable designs and colours in a range of sizes to really offer the right support and structure for all manner of chests.

In the same light, whatever company you choose to purchase your next bra from, the factors to consider are all the same, gaining the proper measurements, both for your back, shoulders and of course your cup size and then wearing them at the correctly altered high to offer the most comfort and satisfaction. Style and design also play an important role and need to be adhered to, to ensure the most complementary solution is achieved.

Many women who have failed to purchase the correct size bra have often bought bras that are too tight underneath the arms and back causing awkward and troublesome bumps, pushing up areas that don’t need to be pushed up and giving the wearer nothing more than a complex. Others have purchased bras where the cup has simply been too small, causing spillage above and below the bra cup itself, generally looking uncomfortable and not as fitting and appealing as a properly fitting bra. It is so easy to remove all these worries today by opting to visit your local lingerie outlets for a correct fitting or find helpful and useful advice now online.

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