Bringing home a dog is one of the most enjoyable moments in any pet lover’s life. However, to ensure a happy life to your canine friend, it is essential that you get him the right accessories. While purchasing dog leashes, the size of your dog should be taken into. Walking a dog with the wrong leash will make it an uncomfortable experience not only to the animal but for its human master also. A taller person walking a medium sized dog will need a long leash to ensure a smooth walk. For instance, dogs weighing between thirty and fifty pounds, being walked by a tall person should use dog leash that is 6 feet by 3/4 inch wide.

Nylon leashes are sturdy and the most popular types. However this option might not be a good one for dogs that pull. Nylon leashes are ideal for puppies as these are difficult to chew. The retractable leash is another choice worth considering. The budget dog owners can consider buying cotton leashes as these are durable and comfortable and are priced easy. The best part is that cotton dog leashes are available in various colors and can be easily procured from any pet shop.

Though leather leashes could be pricey, these are great for training. Make sure to choose leashes with double stitched and riveted ends to ensure maximum durability. Though many people opt for chain leashes considering their durability and low maintenance, these are quite uncomfortable for the dog and should be avoided if possible. However for bigger dogs, which are in the habit of chewing the leash, this could be an alternative.

Dog leashes protect both the dog and the dog owner from unexpected accidents apart from ensuring proper control of the animal. Leashes prevent your dog from chasing animals, vehicles or people. However make sure not to pull or drag your dog forcefully as it might injure the animal. Keep the leash in good shape and replace the broken leashes with new ones promptly. Remember, providing the right accessories to your pet dog will go a long way in making it a happy and healthy companion.

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Apart from dog leashes , you can buy special dog doors and dog stairs to ensure its well-being. Magnetic dog doors are designed especially for dogs wearing magnetic keys on their collar and it would keep strays and other animals out of the house.