Gas scooters are very popular these days because they are viable, convenient, and economic alternative to the regular motorized scooters in the market. However, there is one basic choice to be made by each of the users of the scooters and mopeds. It is the choice of engine.

4 Strokes or 2 Strokes?

Bother 4 strokes as well as 3 strokes machine are available in the market and both are used in running the scooters and mopeds. While 2 stroke engines are often favored for the small sized scooters and mopeds, they will be less efficient for long movements in comparison to 4 stroke engines. It is therefore largely dependent on the requirements and budget of the end user as to which of the engines would be used in the gas scooters or mopeds.

Comparison of Two Types of Engines

Basic comparison of the two types of engines would help users make their choices and they are also the basis of the choices made by the manufacturers.
For short distance travels the two stroke engines may be the better choice as they are more powerful and economic in fuel consumption. They also take less space to install.
For longer distance travels, the four stroke engines may be the better choice because they are not as fickle as their 2 stroke counterparts.
2 stroke engines are noisier in comparison and people who do not like noise may not prefer them. The noise generated is like that of the hairdryer.
When it comes to durability, the 4stroke engines are much more durable in comparison to the 2 strokes counterparts. Usually the 2 stroke engine based scooter would last for around 20 to 30 thousand kilometers assuming that it undergoes normal servicing schedules. Good quality 4 stroke engines will last around twice that long.
However the maintenance part would be just the reverse as the 4 stroke engines will require greater maintenance in comparison to the 2 stroke engines.

Since 50 CC scooters will be normally used for short distance travels alone, the 2 stroke engines would be more suitable for them. Covering the distance that will require replacement of the engine will take 8-10 years at the minimum.

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