With the present-day market being flooded with several rendering products, choosing the right one is always going to be the decisive one. Hundreds of products from several brands have flooded the market during the past few years. However, what is going to be the right one has always remained the biggest unsolved puzzle.

People often think that applying any of the rendering coatings will solve the purpose. However, this has never been the case. Competitive price does not mean that going with any of the product will solve the purpose. What needs to be sorted out at the very first phase is the requirement.

The following are some of the ways by which a person can determine which of the type of external rendering is going to be perfect for their house--

Consulting the Expert Professional

Any consultation or guidance is always going to be fruitful. Reason being the professional will guide you with the right choice after keeping a note of the requirements. In addition to this, these professionals also take all the possible measures during the project completion ascertaining the surface rendered is not only flawless but also stands the test of time and requirement.

In addition to this, they will always guide with the product that has been in the trend in the market.

Asking for the Feedback from other User

Another way to ensuring that the product chosen is good or not is by taking a review or feedback from the person who has already used or using for the past few years. According to the experts catering to solid plastering in Brisbane, getting detailed information of the rendering is always going to help you land with the right choice of the product.

Sorting out the Requirement

Pointing out the requirement at the very first instance is necessary. Determining whether the house is old or not, is yet another important factor that needs to be considered before selecting the rendering type.

For example, lime rendering is the best option for old buildings. However, cement-based rendering should not be applied to this as this makes the wall unable to breathe.

In addition to this, the problems of damp can become a concern for the old buildings.

Apart from this, if the house is present in the area of high temperature, the arrangement should be made in such a way that the living inside remains cool and comfortable. There are several rendering options available for the house owner in such cases.

Determining the Property of the Rendering Type

The property of the rendering type has always been the prime concern. Keeping the seasonal and climatic changes in mind, the type of rendering should be opted for. There are some rendering types that get cracks on the surface. Therefore, the peeling of the surface and the cracks should be kept into consideration. In short, the durability should be kept in mind.


The various properties contribute to the overall finish of the external walls. With numerous products available in the market, getting the right one for rendering is always going to prove beneficial in the long run.

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The author is associated with a popular rendering company in Brisbane that caters to external rendering. The author is considered to be a specialist in solid plastering and has several astounding finishes to his credit.