We have them swim in the shallow end first to build up their courage and swimming habits. I know initially my kids were scared to jump into the pool, but after a couple tries they were fine. Now they are doing twirls and jumping high in the air to make bigger splashes.

Your New Fitness Program

Your new fitness program can do the same for you. Yes, initially it won't be fun and a little scary, but the more you come back the better you will be. Today if I miss two or three days in a row without running or doing some type of physical fitness my body doesn't feel right. I know I need to go workout.

The workout can be something as basic as doing a light jog around the neighborhood for 15 or 20 minutes. I've found just getting the heart pumping can be a great fitness program.

My message is simple just starting doing something. The easiest fitness program I have found is to do some type of workout every other day: Workout then take a day off. This type of fitness routine can become a habit. I should know it worked for me.

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