Sometimes it is difficult to make a decision, a forex broker to open a trading account, too. Most of them have different features, capabilities, weaknesses and interests, which is why I created a checklist to help you decide to use a forex broker of adventure.

1. It 'set?

The first question to ask is: is the corridor where you want to use regulated? There should be no doubt on this point first. All agents are required to submit regulated financial reports to regulators, and when they do, the authorities have the right to fine or terminate membership. This is necessary to maintain currency traders transparent financial information.

Brokers should be regulated by their local regulatory authorities, for example, because brokers based in the United States, they must be regulated by the NFA (National Futures Association) and CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), based brokers Switzerland will be regulated by FDF (Swiss Institute of Finance) and so on.

Also, when is the Forex broker regulated by the investors of any resolution of disputes, to improve investor protection.

2nd Terms

This affects the commercial aspects of the place, and conditions of trade with the broker selected. Of these, the most important factors are:

Spread - Obviously, the smaller the spread on currency pairs the best conditions for investors and traders.

Execution platform - Implementation of operations refers to the speed and consistency are the execution of transactions. Some traders in ensuring the rapid and transparent in normal market conditions.

Fractional Trading - Some brokers allow investors and traders to trade in installments instead of trading full lots "100,000 units" or "300,000 units", which allow you to trade "163,345 units" or "325,911 units". This is very useful for businesses run the risk of a certain percentage of your balance for each transaction.

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