It should always be remembered that these days there are a number of liposuction surgeons. Therefore, a surgeon who is qualified, and has considerable experience in providing liposuction procedures should be chosen. Sometimes, if luck favors you, an experienced surgeon may be there in your area itself. Sometimes, you may have to travel far to find a reliable plastic surgeon. When searching for a good plastic surgeon for liposuction, check out his/her expertise and experience before going for the surgery. List out a number of plastic surgeons providing services, compare them and make a choice wisely to benefit from the best aesthetic results.

Why is an initial consultation necessary?

  • You must enquire about the experience of the surgeon in a particular area of liposuction surgery. Different surgeons perform different types of procedures. Make sure that your surgeon is an expert in providing the procedure you are planning to undergo.
  • Ensure that the plastic surgeon has a lot of experience. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.
  • Always ensure that the surgeons are using the best equipment.
  • Consider whether the cost of the procedure is within your budget.
  • Request the surgeon to show you before and after photographs of former patients. This will help you form an idea about the kind of results you can expect.

Talk to the surgeon about the possible complications and risks of the surgery. The surgeon should give complete information about all the possible risks of the procedure and once the procedure is done, must be accessible for answering all your questions and concerns. The surgeon should be available for post-operative care as well.

Before going for the surgery, discuss your aesthetic goals clearly with the surgeon. Once you understand all details regarding the liposuction procedure, you will be able to take an informed decision. Find out whether the latest laser body contouring devices are used for liposuction. Advanced, minimally invasive laser body contouring workstations ensure safe and effective liposuction with excellent aesthetic results. Generally, the procedure would be performed in the office. Sometimes, a plastic surgeon may perform the procedure in specialized centers and medical centers as well.

Locate a Reliable Plastic Surgeon

The Internet is a valuable resource when it comes to finding a reputable surgeon. Choose a surgeon you feel comfortable with and who has adequate experience in providing the procedure you are looking for. A dedicated plastic surgeon will have your best interests in mind, will be empathetic and provide the surgery focusing on achieving the best aesthetic results.

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Liposuction is an advanced procedure which gets rid of unwanted fat deposits from the body. An experienced plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas, Dr. Sean Boutros helps men and women looking to improve their body contour