Before setting about choosing the right plastic surgeon for cellulite treatment in Texas, you should consider which technology you prefer for the treatment. Ever since its arrival on the scene, Cellulaze™ is very popular with physicians and patients alike. Cellulaze™ is manufactured by Cynosure® who is also the manufacturer of Smartlipo Triplex™. Cellulaze treatment is preferable to many other methods of “cottage cheese removal” because it is a one-time only treatment, is minimally invasive and the results last for at least a year.

How to Search and Find a Suitable
Only if you find a suitable treatment physician would you be able to get the full benefits (including assured safety and minimal side effects) from your Cellulaze treatment. Remember that finding the right person is a time-consuming task but the fruits are definitely worth the effort.

• Enquiries and Research – If you know of anyone who has had cellulite treatment done not too long ago, you can ask her how her experience with the particular physician was and whether or not she got good results. Your primary care physician, friends, relatives or colleagues may also be able to suggest names of reputable plastic surgeons who are experts in the procedure using Cellulaze™ technology. You should also do your own research. Look online for a website and for reviews and testimonials pertaining to the names you have collected. You can also get names of suitable physicians in Texas by performing your own search in Google for “cellulite plastic surgeon Texas.”

• Qualifications – When looking through a physician’s website, see if you can get information about his qualifications.

• Experience – The physician should have sufficient experience in performing Cellulaze cellulite removal surgery. He should also be providing the procedure frequently and not just once or twice in a year.

• Initial Consultations – Once you have created a shortlist of possible cellulite treatment surgeons based on all the parameters discussed above, you can arrange for an initial consultation with each of the short-listed persons.

• Assessment – At the initial consultation, you would be discussing your treatment goals with the physician and assessing his responses to you. See how comfortable you are talking with him. If your surgeon gives you satisfactory responses to your questions, is comfortable discussing his qualifications and experience with you and honestly discusses possible risks and complications and costs with you, he should be good.

• Accreditation – A plastic surgeon who works at an accredited (such as AAAASF accreditation) plastic surgery facility is to be preferred over one who doesn’t.

• Follow-up – The center where the physician works should have adequate facility and equipment for reliable follow-up.

Those were some of the important pre-requisites to choosing the right surgeon for cellulite treatment in Texas.

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