Are you considering trying vaping? Or are just curious about the best way to start? Then you have come to the right place. Here we look at what to think about when choosing from first vape starter kits NZ,  the two main types of devices and other useful pieces of information those starting out should know. There are a lot of options on the market today, and while the choice is great to have, it can make someone new to vaping unsure of where to start. Our advice is to keep it fairly simple and then you can experiment further as you grow more confident in your understanding and skill. Here is a break down of the types available so you can better decide which vape device will best suit you.

Classic inhales (mouth to lung)

First of all, you should know there are essentially two types of devices, the first is the classic inhale system, or mouth to lung often abbreviated to MTL. These are devices where the vaper draws on the vape device with their mouth and then inhales, much like the action of smoking. That is why when people giving up smoking decide to use vaping as a means to help them, they choose MTL vaping devices as it still mimics the action of smoking where you draw from the cigarette and then inhale it.

Often MTL devices are compact so can easily fit into pockets or purses making them great for taking out. When thinking about vape batteries NZ, you can feel secure as they are mostly known for having long battery lives. They are specifically designed to be easy to use and charge, just connect them with a USB cable. Mouth to lung vaping devices are ideal for those starting.

Direct inhaling (direct to lung)

The other type of vaping device is the direct inhale, or direct to lung, abbreviated as DTL. This is when the person breathes the vapor straight into the lungs like the method used with a Hookah or Shisha. The tools that are generally used for this kind of vaping are sub-ohm devices. When a person vapes with a resistance less than 1 ohm more power gets sent to the coils in the device and that then creates more flavor and larger clouds. The size of these devices is much larger so they are less portable. They also need more power. They can use between 2 to 4 rechargeable vape batteries NZ and elsewhere, depending on the make and model.

Often people that prefer DTL will opt for a pod system that uses disposable pods that have the wick, coil and some e-liquid pre-filled. All they then need to do is click the pod into their device and vape. It does not require any fussing, is simple and easy to do and the pods are easy to change. The pods also come in different flavors to experiment with.


The best way to start is by using vape starter kits NZ or where you live. Whether you opt for MTL or DTL is a personal thing, some use both, MTL for when going out, and DTL in the home. You will find there are a lot of great easy and reliable options in the starter area.



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