Are you having trouble choosing which of your goals to go after first? Do you know which of your goals you want to achieve right now? Choosing your goals can be difficult and confusing - but it doesn’t have to be.

The problem is that you, like so many other people, have a lot of wants and desires. You have lots of goals. It can be hard to decide which of those wants and desires to work on. You want so much, in so many areas of your life, that it can feel overwhelming!

This is where some people get stuck in the goal setting process, because with so many desires, they wind up feeling helpless and they don't make progress toward any of their desires. Other people get stuck because they try to do everything at once - they try to change their entire life overnight - and they wind up crashing and burning because they spread themselves to thin.

Choosing your goals, deciding which of your wants and desires to focus on right now, doesn't have to be a painful process. Not if you approach the process with your end result in mind.

What is your end result? Your end result is what you want your life to look and feel like tomorrow and the next day and every day after that. Imagine your life so complete in every way that you can't think of a single desire... that is your desired end result!

So to get there, to reach the life that you envision for yourself, you must start somewhere. I always recommend that you begin with the goal that, when you reach it, will make the biggest difference in your life. The goal that you feel the strongest about.

The goals that you choose to reach first will be the goals that you have the strongest reason WHY for. Because the reason 'why' you want to reach a goal has a tremendous affect on whether or not you actually achieve that goal.

Having a strong reason 'why' you want to achieve your goal will always motivate you to do more, to take more action, and to keep going when life’s obstacles appear in your path.
Don't allow yourself to get stuck when choosing your goals.

Here is an easy goal setting exercise that will help you. Write down those things that you want to achieve, then next to each one write the biggest reasons why you want to reach that goal. Ask yourself what reaching that goal will mean in your life. Do this for each of the goals that you write down. Which of your goals resonates with you the most deeply? Which are you the most passionate about reaching?
Those are the goals you should be making plans to achieve first!

Of course, choosing your goals is just the first step, but as the saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Take that step today! Choose your goals and start creating the life that you truly want!

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