Shopping for a wedding photographer is probably the most daunting activity of the entire plan. The problem is you cannot be certain what you will get until after the deed is done.

This makes it all the more important for you to be thorough in your research of the possible candidates. Even then it will be like cliff diving, you never know if the parachute will open until you pull the string.

Although a lot of people allow price to drive the decision, this is highly illogical since these are going to photographs that cannot be retaken. Here are few of the things you can do and questions you can ask to help to avoid a mistake that will haunt you for a lifetime.

The experience level of the photographer is of the utmost importance. Hiring a novice to photograph a wedding may be the mistake of a lifetime. Does the photographer have references and a recent portfolio for you to see? Does he /she use a lot of industry lingo. What are your requirements such as black and white photographs for dramatic effect?

One of the biggest problems in this situation tends to be that once you hire a person someone else shows up on the day of the wedding. Make sure that the person whose work you fell in love with will be the one taking pictures on your wedding day. If the person you take the meeting with will not be the one in attendance you should meet with and look over the other person’s work long before the day of the event.
The personality of the individual is a prime consideration, as is the appearance of the photographer. It is important that the photographer blend in just as if he/she were just another guest.

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Jon is a webmaster for a North East wedding planner company, who can assist with all aspects of wedding planning, from finding you a photorapher to work with, to supplying you on the day help ranging from a perfect Wedding candy buffet or helping you design your wedding theme including supplying the perfect colour sash to go with your wedding chair cover