Choosing the right business…
Part 2 “Start your own business from scratch.”

Where do you begin when starting a business by scratch or your own ideas? The process may seem overwhelming however, once laid out it is a simple process.

There are a few questions to ask yourself when launching a business from scratch:

• What am I passionate about? When we speak of passion it means what to you
absolutely love to do, think about during the day and even dream about at
• What have you been told you are really good at?
• What are the needs in the community?
• What would I call my business?
• Do I provide a service or product?
• What expenses are related to launching the business?
• Do you need a place to store products?
• What is the anticipated rate of return? (initial output of money compared
to the income)
• Do you have a support system?
• Do you need licensing or permits?
• Home office set-up or rent an office space?
• What is my plan? (Your RoadMap, Goals, Business Plan)
• How will I market my business?
• Do I have enough reserves to survive until the business is profitable?

These are just a few solid questions you need to know the answer to in order to be successful. Most of the time you can launch your business from your home with the use of the internet therefore, start-up costs could be relatively small. Understand that starting a business does not mean you will instantly make thousands of dollars; businesses take time to grow and become profitable. Most businesses take up to 2 years to see a profit, so you must be prepared to cover the expenses until the business can sustain itself.

It is really crucial as you build your business you establish a presence on the internet. Research has shown that 73.9% of us utilize the internet to seek out products and services. It is not necessary to invest thousands of dollars into a website, the main things you want to be sure happen with the website are:

• You own it
• You can modify it
• You are ranking on Google or Yahoo searches (SEO)
• Cost can be $500 to $2,000 depending on the size

So what is holding you back now? You have the questions you need to know in order to launch the most amazing journey of your life; you just have to put it into play.

Author's Bio: 

Robin Hardy is well known for her expertise in guiding men & women into creating tangible actionable results through Media Training, PR Consulting, Creative Development, Marketing and Business Plans. With over 12 years of experience and the application of her 6 Empowered Keys Program Robin ensures that her clients create a solid sense of direction leading to greater profitability. Her methods empower people to stretch beyond their limitations, re-invent through a solid sense of self-esteem and deepen their levels of confidence for unstoppable success. Robin speaks nationally, teaches on college campuses and coaches individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs. As Development Director & Feminine Leader for The Amazing Woman’s Day Movement she contributes her insights to empowering women entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether it be as an Business Building Expert, An Inspirational Speaker, An Author or host of Empowering you Radio, there’s one thing for certain; Robin is dedicated to helping others achieve their wildest dreams.