Planning to buy an engagement ring? Picking up a beautiful diamond and choosing the ring’s metal is not just sufficient. Engagement rings setting are equally important as it holds your precious gems in place even after many years. You would want to choose the ring setting that keeps your ring for life time and also that which gives a smooth finish to your ring.

You have different varieties of wedding rings settings and engagement ring settings to choose from. Here are few of the most common ring settings that are listed out for the to-be-brides.

One of the most popular and the common ring setting is the prong setting, which also known as the claw setting. This particular setting has 3 to 6 prongs that grips and holds the diamond in place. There are many traditional solitaire rings that have prong settings with most of them having either 4 or 6 prongs. Both of these are good choices, but the 6 prong setting are little more secure.

Few of the prong settings are designed to hold the diamond up on the ring. This allows light t pass through all facets of the diamond giving it more spark. This even make the diamond look big. You should be very careful when checking your ring with this type of setting because the prong may be loose or the diamond may not be in proper place. You do not want to lose the diamond which is not fitted properly, so you have to get all such problems fixed by a jeweller before you wear the ring.

Second type of setting is the channel setting which is very popular these days. This setting has multiple diamonds placed in a line next to each other. This diamond line on the ring gives a neat and clear look. Few of the diamond engagement rings have a larger diamond that is held in place by the prongs with smaller diamonds on both the sides. You get this type of setting in wedding rings as well.

The third type of setting is the bezel setting, which is a great choice of woman who worries about losing the diamonds. In this type of setting, the band of gold surrounds the diamond, not on the top and bottom, but on all the sides of the diamond. The diamond has a flush look on the ring.

There are also few other settings like the bar setting and the invisible setting. Approach your jeweller and ask him to show few of the rings with all these settings. Before you buy a ring for yourself or for your love, be sure that you get your doubts clarified on the settings.

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