Getting married on this beautiful Paradise Island of Tobago is very popular as you would expect from this great location.

"Scenic lush gardens, white and golden sandy beaches, blue warm waters of the Caribbean Sea with fantastic coral reefs, romantic sunsets."

This Island is fast distinguishing itself as one of the best, Wedding and Honeymoon Destinations in the world.

Before now, couples who wanted to get married in Tobago were required to stay for at least three weeks before being able to 'tie the knot". But, because of the growing demand for a shorter stay in Tobago and therefore catering for the worldwide "Wedding-Tourism" craze, legislation was passed enabling couples to get married after a full seventy-two hour period. This opened up great opportunities for weddings to take place in Tobago and maximize on the holiday-weddings market. Tobago's appeal as a popular destination for tropical and exotic Island-style weddings, became more intensified and commonplace.

Every day weddings are performed at various venues thought Tobago, in churches, on beaches, at waterfalls, forts, public gardens, at Villas and Hotels, on boats and in the Ocean. Couples from all parts of the world, some alone, some with a small or large group party, seeking to experience the uniqueness of a Tobago-style Caribbean wedding. There are many wedding co-ordinators on the Island ready and willing to fashion a host of events, based on what the happy couple's desire.

All the normal wedding preparations can be undertaken in Tobago, some fantastic wedding reception venues, large luxury Villas & Hotels, experienced photography and video companies, you will return to your home county with the most fabulous pictures and video footage ever, specialist catering, fantastic floral arrangements, entertainment by local steel pan orchestra's and DJ's, everything is here.

Marriages are performed by Marriage Officers, licensed by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago. The couple must obtain a valid Marriage License (TT$ 300*). After three (3) days in T&T (not counting the day of arrival), wedding couples in Tobago, can get this form from the Wardens Office in Tobago's Capital, Scarborough, by making a personal appearance with their passports; their return tickets in and out of T&T; an original Divorce Decree and/or Death Certificate of a spouse, if previously married,(all documents must be in English). By law, Marriages must be performed in a public place between 6.00am and 6.00pm. Marriage Certificates can be obtained after the wedding from the Registrar General's Office once the marriage has been registered by the marriage Officer.

The cost of the first Certificate is $TT 25.00* while there will be a further $TT 12.50* each, for any thereafter. Most countries accept marriages in T&T without any additional requirements, but it is advisable to check with the relevant authorities concerning this.

The climate is ideal for your wedding at anytime of the year but there are seasonal changes, high season is December through to May and is known locally as the dry season, low season is for the remained of the year.

It must always be remembered that when it does rain in Tobago it's known as warm rain that you could take a shower in if you had the soap available!

*All prices quoted are as 2010

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Tobago is the paradise Island in the Caribbean to get married on. Its got all you would need to have the most fabulous wedding and honey moon. Just imagine turquois blue seas,fabulous flora, beach wedding and stroll to your luxury villa for your wedding reception.
All you need to do is take a look at the web and blog sites and then get in contact with us, we can then start to arrange everything for you at very reasonable prices.