CBD (cannabidiol) products are quickly gaining recognition for their utility in treating and alleviating a wide range of conditions. Due to the narratives surrounding cannabis, in general,  and the opaque, aggressive marketing that has defined the market, buyers can be forgiven for being ignorant of what makes up good quality CBD. Additionally, the opacity that permeates the sector can compound the issue and cause consumers to become hesitant on buying any CBD at all. 


Towards this end, the team at Chow420 has put together a short guide to assist customers towards identifying some of the best products on the market. Armed with the specifics of evaluating products, prospective buyers can be better advised on how to make informed decisions. Follow this piece to find some of the best CBD you can buy online and what makes them better than the rest. 

No Lab Reports, No Way! 

No CBD brand is worth its weight in gummies without authentic lab reports of its products. A 2017 study by Penn Medicine revealed that as much as 70% of CBD products listed on the market were mislabeled. The study reported particular misrepresentation in important areas such as THC content, CBD content and contaminants (heavy metals and chemicals). 


 Consequently, it is important for consumers to always purchase CBD that comes equipped with vetted lab reports (also known as a certificate of analysis). However, the problem is that not all brands place such product transparency at the top of their priorities. But at Chow420, this is the dominant concern! As a token of their commitment towards transparency, Chow420 also devised a blockchain-powered transparency framework which it terms as the Know What You Buy program. Leveraging on the immutability of blockchain record entries, the brand has been able to invent a secure space for the registration of lab report information on all of its listed products. The platform is open to customers and other interested parties. The aim of this measure  is to promote transparency. 


Implicit in this commitment to transparency is the notion that CBD shopping on Chow420 is the safest on the market. Nevertheless, what products stand above in Chow420’s premium listing ? 

Our Top Choices

Five Full Spectrum CBD (+THC) Oil Tincture Citrus 1500mg, 2mg THC, 50mg CBD, 30ml


This full spectrum CBD tincture is a premium option delivered by Five CBD which is a company that is known for its use of high quality U.S grown hemp and provision of legit certificates of analysis (COA) on all products. This potent CBD tincture which can be aptly used for sleep and pain relief is derived from local U.S hemp produced under non-GMO standards and best standards (e.g. pesticides-free). They come equipped with lab test results which show compliance with THC, CBD content and the absence of contaminants. You can view the lab report here. Five CBD employs an alcohol based extraction process that allows for optimal cannabinoid and terpene compound extraction. The tincture is infused with a zesty citrus flavor that makes for a pleasant tasting experience. Each full drop carries 2mg of THC and 50mg of CBD among other cannabinoids and terpenes. The lab results confirm reported compound content representation. Hence, we can reliably estimate potency. 

Consumers should opt for this tincture if they are looking for relief in sleep health. This tincture is based on a full spectrum extract which carries CBD alongside THC, CBC, CBG and CBN which all work synergistically to generate healthy sleep and anti-stress effect. Use of this product is ideal after a long day. Perfect for unwinding. 

CBDFX Full Spectrum CBD (+THC) Vegan Gummies Lemon Dream Indica 600mg, 5mg THC, 25mg CBD, 20 Gummies

These CBDFX organic gummies are derived from non-GMO hemp grown without pesticides and other chemicals that can be absorbed by the cannabis hemp plant. The CBD is extracted by means of a clean carbon dioxide method which leaves no residual solvents and ensures that potent CBD and other cannabinoids and available terpenes are obtained. These details are confirmed in the lab test result that can be found here. Following the information from the lab report, stated THC & CBD content details are accurate. This is a good sign as it shows that CBDfx is a serious brand committed to consumer safety and transparency in the market.

These gummies are exceptional because they stand out for their all-natural content. Also, a potent CBD to THC ratio of 5 to 1 makes for a balanced delivery of cannabis wellness. They are highly effective against sleep and stress disorders. The indica aspect of this strain makes the CBD concentration particularly reliable.


Chow Full Spectrum CBD (+THC) Multiflavored Vegan Gummies 750mg 1:6, 25 gummies

Newly launched by and covered by its CBD transparency program, these vegan gummies present a potent option for tackling sleep and stress problems. In line with Chow420’s emphasis on lab reports and product visibility, this product comes attached with detailed lab reports. These gummies are carefully derived from non-GMO organic hemp grown in the USA. The plant is cultivated and harvested without the use of chemicals and other artificial compounds which can be absorbed by hemp plant. Using a clean alcohol extraction process, the very best of CBD, THC, other cannabinoids and terpenes are retrieved to make for an exceptionally potent CBD gummy. Included in these gummies are CBC, CBT and CBG.   The gummies are formed from a plant-based thickener, maintaining a vegan basis for the best organic standards and a refreshing experience. Chow adopted a varied flavoring approach to create a diverse tasting experience for customers. 

Chow Full Spectrum vegan gummies are useful for sustaining focus as they have a broad cannabinoid profile including CBG. With the entourage effect generated by the synergistic effect of all the cannabinoids interacting with each other, these organic gummies are also potent for sleep disorders. You cannot go wrong with Chow Full Spectrum for sleep and focus needs. 

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