This morning, March 22, 2011, Chris Brown made an appearance on Good Morning America to promote his new album F.A.M.E., which stands for “forgiving all my enemies,” he said. He quickly became uncomfortable and irritated by Robin Roberts as she interviewed him, barely probing into his past to address what was on everyone's mind. Brown didn’t like it one bit, and his body language spoke volumes when Roberts asked questions about a change in the restraining order against him. When he tried to avoid answering, Roberts stated that there were many tweets about the big pink elephant in the room, intuiting that it seemed logical to address it.

Brown had obviously been coached to redirect the interview back to the album and to dumb down any questions about the troubles stemming from his 2009 attack on then girlfriend, pop star Rihanna. Unfortunately for Brown, he had not been coached to curb his demeanor, and he is a bad faker unable to control his irritation.

At best, Brown looked nervous, annoyed, and, well, pretty silly in his effort to reinvent himself by going blonde. Sigh. He suggested that all around the world people just keep bringing up the past, but he has moved on. Uh, yeah, of course you have, the second you took your teeth out of Rihanna, we remember.

In his mind, Brown was only there to promote himself in the present, and he was intent on denying and reducing his self-created past, but his character will continue to be in question because of how he handles himself. During the interview, Brown became uptight and uncooperative once he saw things were not going his way, a typical tactic destructive and abusive people use when they feel out of control, or that they are being questioned. Be a little skeptical and you could see trouble brewing from the very title of the album, suggesting he sees himself as a victim, again. The album title reveals how deep his denial and irritation runs. His attack on Rihanna was not minor; his downplaying of it occurred almost instantly, and continues to this day. This is a dangerous man who looked like he was about to blow. Chris Brown has earned his enemy’s; we don’t want or need his forgiveness.

Brown is a pouter who thinks he is misunderstood; his cold and distant reaction to Roberts as she tried to address the issues that haunt him, including the tweets that were made about him before the show, proves it. His demeanor and lack of eye contact were big red flags that the beast within the man has not been tamed. I’d bet money that he threw a little hissy fit backstage or in his limo after his performance. He wasn’t calm on the inside-that was evident by how he responded to Roberts, how his hands clenched the microphone awkwardly, and as his fidgeting intensified. If you’ve ever had an experience with a man like Brown, this is about all you need to see to know that something is brewing. Finally, Brown got to a point where he completely stopped looking at Roberts, and the tension could be felt through the screen.

When will America wake up and stop supporting women beaters and nut jobs on TV? We give these people air time, building and rebuilding their careers in spite of their mistreatment towards others and their potential dangerousness, and it’s ridiculous. Just because someone can perform doesn’t mean we should let them or that we should forget who they are at their core. Interviewers are also putting themselves at risk, and need to start saying “No” to aggrandizing these liabilities. As for the rest of us, we’d really just like Chris Brown to go away.

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