More than 100 churches have trained members to help people in financial difficulty.

Those with credit card debt after the festive period might be in line to benefit from a form of Christian aid that is coming to people's rescue.

The charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP) has set up a free three-session course entitled CAP Money to help give advice to individuals in financial difficulty, Christian Today reports.

Members of more than 100 churches have trained in order to assist in helping those who may have debt on credit cards or home loans, for example.

National director of CAP Money Ross Buttenshaw said the aid organisation is well aware of what the picture looks like for families who lose everything and can no longer afford to feed their children.

He added: "This is why we began this preventative course three years ago and we're delighted to see it being used to debt-proof people in this age of austerity and maybe even put the joy back into dealing with our money."

What's more, Mr Buttenshaw pointed out there are many people who are simply guessing at their finances, rather than being aware of what exactly they have available to spend.

Therefore, he stated when people start to realise what kind of situation they are in then it is possible to sort it out.

This comes after Choice spokeswoman Ingrid Just advised consumers to consolidate all their Aussie credit card debts into the best account for them, the Herald Sun reports.

She noted those looking for credit cards should shop around for a great deal as this technique can save them hundreds of dollars.

In addition to this, Ms Just declared credit card cash advances should be avoided, but recommended working out a monthly spend to see where exactly an individual is spending all his or her money, as well as being aware of credit card reward programmes.

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