Are you looking for Christian friendship because you feel lonely? "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble" (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, NLT). Feeling lonely is indeed a reminder that one is at a disadvantage being alone. If you are struggling with being alone, there are five things you simply must do to end loneliness:

Regardless of what causes your loneliness, here are some keys to taking some steps to end your loneliness:

  1. Attend a church in your area. Churches don't turn any away and many have volunteers that will pick people in the neighborhood up when they don't have a ride. Once you attend the church and decide you like it, sign up for a small study group. It is easier to get to know people when you are in a small group. Sunday morning doesn't lend itself to friendships, only quick handshakes.
  2. Identify your interests and volunteer. Organizations are always looking for volunteers and they aren't usually picky. Figure out what you like and check the phone book or internet for groups near you. Start putting some time and energy into finding a place to use your passions or interests. You will be more likely to find people there who might be interested in friendship since you have like interests, however, whether the people you meet become good friends or not, you will be spending less time thinking about your loneliness when you are involved in activities you enjoy.
  3. Have realistic expectations. Most lonely people overwhelm their friends and relatives with unreasonable expectations for their time. Be grateful for the time you get from people. A half hour to you may seem way too short but for someone who is busy, giving a half hour is a sacrifice. If your demands are too overwhelming and demanding, you will find that people who do care about you will avoid you.
  4. Use your resources. If you have a home, start a small study group at your home with some mutual friends or like-minded people. Offer to let groups use your home for a meeting. If you have money, use it to join the gym, join a club, start a new interest, or even pay for a ticket of a friend or relative to join you on a trip or to come visit you. What better use for your money than buying yourself the opportunity to be with someone you would enjoy being with? And if you need practical help, find someone who you can pay to run errands for you.
  5. Find a support group. Christian and non-Christian support groups are available for all kinds of issues. The benefit of support groups is that you have instant camaraderie because you are dealing with the same issue. Use the internet to find them or call churches and hospitals near you to see what is available in your area.

Regardless of your circumstances, God has provided you with some resources you can take advantage of to end your loneliness and you will continue to be and feel alone, unless you take the initiative to reach out and get support. It can seem overwhelming, but it is worth taking the risk. You can bring people into your life with these five things you simply must do to end loneliness.

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