Assignment Asserted Christians, Muslims and Jews believe in the same God.

Dozens of people spoke against a homework assignment in an Elgin, Illinois school meeting. Is it just a matter of opinion?

The Bible teaches that God loves everyone and seeks to save all from a course of wrong that leads in selfish, harmful actions. In times of ignorance, God winks--He let's us get by, Acts 17:30,31.

The Bible also teaches that He has provided for our salvation. In the tanakh (Old Testament) the provision for our salvation involved the sacrifice of a gentle, innocent lamb, but also seen in Isaiah 53 as a person who would bear our sins as the lamb bore sins confessed over it before slaughter.

Centuries later, a Hebrew prophet introduced “the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.” John 1:29. Whether he was or not is up to individuals to decide, but those who ran when he was taken were later willing to die for their witness that they had seen him alive after his burial and Roman guard. His body was not likely stolen when the soldiers slept—that was punishable by death.

And would we be willing to die for a lie? And there were literally hundreds of prophecies fulfilled by his life.

Isaiah also said, if a prophet does not speak according to the law given by Moses, there is no light in him. In Moses' law, if one was guilty of stealing a sheep, he had to repay four-fold, Exodus 22.

This writer has seen a YouTube video of a little boy having a car drive over his arm because he stole a loaf of bread. This is sharia law? If we can see a difference in the justice of God above from how this little boy was treated, maybe we can see that the God of the Bible and Allah of the Quran are different.
fairness Can we see the superiority of God's law over Muhammad's writing,

The God of the Bible would not mutilate women's genitals to minimize their enjoyment of marital love, hoping they won't seek sex with someone else. Christians trust each other to be faithful. God made us as we are—He invented sex and the Christian nations have elevated women in society in contrast to non-Christian cultures where women are often abused.

The God of the Bible “declares the end from the beginning,” Isaiah 46. This includes the account of Abraham, father of Isaac and Ishmael, who was asked to sacrifice his son, but he was spared by a ram that was sacrificed instead. Muslims say Ishmael was spared, and they celebrate it in Al-Adha, as the 2nd most holy event in the year. The Bible says it was Isaac. Which is the true holy book?

The prophecy of Daniel 8 reveals the God of the Bible is ahead of all other gods. It shows the sacrifice of a ram “at the time of the end” and 2500 years ago it said the horns on the ram represented the kings of Media and Persia which are now Iraq and Iran. This vision is half fulfilled and we will see militant Iran stomped by a goat [Global Organization Against Terrorism] to preserve Isaac who fathered Israel.

Thousands of converts from Islam to Christianity give further testimony that the God of the Bible is different, and for those who have tasted of God's love and wisdom, there is no attraction for the god of Islam which seeks to kill the infidels when it has not the evidence or information to persuade them.

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