What you give is what you get, thus gifts are no different. With Christmas being just around the corner, it is not a strange thing for all of us to be focused on our gift lists. It may be easier to choose gifts for the kids or for the parents, but what about those in our lives that love body piercings? It does not sound that easy, right? Well, because it is not.

Starting with different kinds, material and sizes sometimes it is almost impossible to know for sure which piercing to purchase as a gift.

However, we must mention that If you are not sure about the length or diameter your loved one may need, we advise you to buy a gift card instead of an actual piercing.
For those of you who do know the essential information about the piercings, or simply are willing to risk, here are the best two kinds of jewelry materials we believe you should stick to.

1. Gold jewelry

It is needless to say that gold jewelry deserves the top of the list. You can never go wrong with gold. And luckily for us, as long as the gold is nickel-free, it will perfectly get along with our body chemistry.
As for most of the metals, you get what you pay for. This only means the greater the rank of the metal, the purer it is. The actual gold content is a mix of gold as well as other metals such as nickel, silver, zinc, and copper. Thus, the higher the portion of gold in that mix, the more money you will have to pay for it.

Regardless of gold being truly strong and stunning metal, it is not what every person likes or is tolerant to. Therefore, If the person you are getting a body jewelry as a gift for, already loves wearing gold, you are halfway there.
Our strong recommendation is not to settle for less than 14K gold when choosing body jewelry.

There are many beautiful 14K golden septum rings for both fingers and as piercings. Limitless options and designs can be found on the internet or in the nearby stores. You best know the person you are shopping with, so don't forget besides those 14K of gold, they need to like the design as well.

2. Titanium

Simply put - titanium is a metal perfect for everyone. Why?

Besides of it looking pretty flawless, it is one of the best quality metals you can use as jewelry. With such a metal purity and allergen-free materials, the human body is fully acceptable to titanium. And, it looks so good! What's not to like about titanium?

Titanium is often falsely recognized as silver or even surgical steel and it can indeed be harder to find. However, the scavenger hunt you will have to do to find this extremely quality metal will be totally worth it.
We highly recommend getting titanium body jewelry- simply because it looks good, feels good and works well for everyone.

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