Epididymitis is an inflammation that occurs in the epididymis. Clinically, it is more common in young adults. Men at this stage fight awake for work. Over time, the body's resistance decreases, and bacteria in the urine, such as Escherichia coli or Staphylococcus, will enter the epididymis along the vas deferens pipeline, resulting in epididymitis. And patients may have pain, fever, and even infertility.

Epididymitis can be divided into acute and chronic. Acute epididymitis is mostly characterized by "egg pain" and elevated body temperature. Most patients have a sudden high fever and unbearable testicular pain. They are often hospitalized in an emergency.
Chronic epididymitis is more caused by the transformation of acute inflammation that has not been well controlled. Patients mostly show testicular swelling, pain, and discomfort.

Although epididymitis is a common male genital inflammation, its treatment cycle is long and short, mainly related to the severity of the disease. The treatment cycle of chronic epididymitis is long.

Different conditions, attending doctors, and techniques may make the recovery time different. If the patient can't heal for a long time, they should consider that maybe the treatment method is wrong, or the doctor's strength is not enough. There are many reasons.
The patient's condition is the main factor affecting the treatment time of epididymitis.

Experts pointed out that epididymitis is divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis. Generally, acute symptoms can gradually subside after a week. Because acute inflammation is relatively acute at onset, it needs timely treatment. Otherwise, it is easy to develop into chronic epididymitis.

The treatment time of chronic epididymitis is usually relatively long. Patients often feel dull pain and swelling of the affected scrotum. The pain often involves the lower abdomen and ipsilateral groin and sometimes can be combined with secondary hydrocele. The epididymis often increases and hardens in varying degrees during the examination, with mild tenderness, and the ipsilateral vas deferens can be thickened. The treatment time usually ranges from one month to several months.

In the choice of treatment methods, men need to be careful. The general treatment methods mainly include drug treatment and surgical treatment. The treatment time for epididymitis is more extended, which causes significant physical and mental damage to patients, which is not conducive to the recovery of patients, and the treatment time will be longer.

Therefore, patients need to choose appropriate treatment methods, such as natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate symptoms and causes and achieve the purpose of a local cure. Moreover, due to long-term use, it will not produce drug resistance and will not bring any adverse effects to the body. After treatment for at least one month, the patient's symptoms will feel significantly improved. Adhere to treatment can be cured.

Patients with chronic epididymitis rarely need surgery. However, if these conditions occur, surgery may need to be considered. When the patient is ineffective through antibiotic treatment, and testicular ischemia is suspected, epididymis incision and decompression should be done at this time. The patient's inflammatory mass increases, and waves appear simultaneously, indicating that there has been the formation of an abscess. At this time, it is necessary to cut and drain in time to alleviate the symptoms. If there is testicular infarction, orchiectomy should be performed at this time.

Even if epididymitis is cured, nursing can't fall behind!

1. Avoid eating spicy products and drinking alcohol. Patients should also pay attention to avoid dysuria caused by sympathetic excitement caused by lower body cold, excessive sexual intercourse, and extreme urinary tolerance.

2. Improve the diet structure and prevent the intake of high cholesterol foods. Encourage eating less high cholesterol meat such as pigs, cattle, and sheep and more low cholesterol meat such as chicken, fish, and meat. Eat more fruits and vegetables to increase the intake of vitamin C and other components and improve the body's anti-inflammatory ability.

3. Life should be regular, and keep the stool unobstructed. Keep a good mood and don't overwork. And men should properly participate in sports activities, such as Qigong, Taijiquan, and so on, enhance physical fitness, prevent colds, and avoid holding urination.

Don't turn a blind eye to epididymitis. It will affect men's reproductive health and affect normal fertility and even sexual function. It is a pain that every man can't bear. Therefore, men should master specific nursing skills every day. At the same time, men should always pay attention to their reproductive health and have regular physical examinations to avoid missing some diseases.

Warm tips: good treatment will reduce the trauma to the body. More mature doctors with more clinical experience will make patients feel more secure, trust more, and cooperate more skillfully with doctors.

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