Church cloth

Church fabrics are made from polyester, viscose and metallized yarns. These fabrics are used for sewing church vestments and other products.

In the creation of vestments for ministers of various ranks, a special church fabric is used, which you can buy on our website at the Rakhmanov plant. In addition to sewing church vestments, this fabric can be used to decorate the temple, as well as to conduct sacred ordinances and ceremonies.

Specialists for the manufacture of a variety of liturgical vestments and temple vestments and accessories use only Greek fabric with high-quality methanity. For different types of ministry, the church uses vestments for clergymen of various colors - for example, on Easter, red robes made of rich brocade are dressed, and a simple linen shaggy is required for tonsure. You choose the material and pattern based on your tastes and needs.

In the online store you will find a wide variety of jacquard and plain fabrics, conveniently distributed in different color categories: white, black, yellow, green, blue, red and purple. Each patterned ornament has a certain meaning, often such a fabric is decorated with crosses of various types and sizes. When choosing brocade or silk for church vestments, you must consider the size of the pattern. On the finished product, it should be located symmetrically and correctly in combination with the location of the crosses on the vestments.

Types of Church Fabrics

The most popular fabrics for sewing church clothes are brocade and silk. The vestments of these fabrics are beautiful, elegant and vibrant.

For example, brocade is a dense artistic fabric on a silk basis with patterns of metal threads. In Russia, brocade fabric began to be made in the XVIII century, and before that it was imported from Turkey, and later from France, Spain and Italy.

Now brocade is made of threads imitating the luster of precious metals, so it has become easier and more comfortable to wear. Brocade keeps its shape remarkably, while it is very flexible, and does not lose color and luster over time.

Ornament and diversify colors
We create fabrics that match all church canons with patterns of the following symbols:

- crosses;
- Angels;
- crown of thorns;
- vine;
- crown.

We have presented fabric for the church in those colors that correspond to established canons. As you know, liturgical vestments come in seven colors: white, yellow, blue, violet, red, black and green, as well as their shades, each of which corresponds to different church events.

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