The machine is specially designed to roll the cannabis, tobacco, or any other synthetic cannabis products into individual joints or cigarettes. A cigarette can be rolled with cannabis, by making use of the grinder to break down all the smoking materials, also remove the material stems from the mixture, so that it will not puncture the paper.

Since the leaf has been already shredded, there is no need to prepare any sort of required work to roll the cigarette with the mixture of tobacco.

Making Process

 If you have the smoking materials ready in handy then please use the sliding rollers up from any one of either side to open the Cigarette Rolling Machine and fill the smoking material to the exposed channel. Please take extra care to load the uniform amount of smoking materials within the channel, if not, the burn rate may change accordingly to the filled content and cause the joint or cigarette is smoked.

Once the roller is ready after the filling, the position should be slid back and the place can be locked. Within the round space, the product is confined and cradled, allows the user to get the product rolled when the rollers are turned on. Within a few turns, the rolling paper’s single sheet will be fed into channel’s back side where the ungummed side goes first.

When the paper will rolled carefully then it will wrap around and make complete channel revolution under itself. At this stage, the rolling paper’s gummed part will be licked by the user and it continues the rolling paper to roll the rest of it. The joint or the cigarette is exposed and perfectly rolled when the roller’s position is moved out.

Rolling Machine Types

There are various types of Cigarette Rolling Machine available in different sizes to create the different sizes of joints or cigarettes. Generally, the largest one is sized with 100mm, followed by medium size at a 78mm, and the smallest size is at a 70mm.

Anyone of the company manufactured the rolling machine with another type is rarely seen, which is very easier to use when compared with the dual-wheel variety. Within the rolling box, the material which is made up of a belt type is exposed to open the rolling box. The curved tray component which is against the belt’s lower portion can be expanded and the materials are filled out within the tray to roll out the joint or a cigarette.

Besides the material, you can place the rolling paper piece which must be opposite to the best material and the gummed side facing towards the top and outside. While slowly closing the box, the belt material was lifted by the bar against the rolled material, the rolling paper is pressed and packed more tightly, and allows the lower edge of the belt portion to roll outward the rolling paper to form a joint or cigarette. The hole which is located at the box top will eject the finished joint or cigarette, once the motion is closed.

Best Cigarette Rolling Machine

Please be informed that there are varieties of Cigarette rolling machines available through the online market. However, you can find the below-provided best machine for cigarette rolling for your reference:

Cigarette Injector Machine - Top-O-Matic

The highly rated Cigarette rolling machine is referred to as Top-O-Matic which produces the cigarettes with high quality and efficiency of both in 100mm and as well as king sizes. The material of this product is made up of stainless steel and metal, that does not use any cheap plastic like other products.

The comments from many owners would like to know how this product can withstand the market with so many happy customers, who would like to purchase the material again and again. It is very similar that the cigarette rolling machine can fill the tobacco into the chamber or grind the shredded herbs and load the paper once at a time.

To avoid the wearing time and jamming during the process, you need to clean the machine’s chamber periodically. If you are still thinking about this product purchase, please think that this material comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


We would like to inform that above-provided information helps you to understand about the Cigarette Rolling machine and its importance. You can also refer the document to know about its working process, rolling machine types and the best Cigarette Rolling machine for your reference.

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