Civil Service – IAS Mains And IAS Prelims Exam
There are many career choices for the youth today. Both the public sector and private sector offer large variety of job opportunities. However, nothing can match up to the status and respect attached with being a part of civil service. It is the most coveted career option in India. Thousands of people dream of being a part of this career, but only a few are able to fulfil their dream. The most capable candidate is chosen to be a part of civil service. One of the most preferred choices in civil service is that of an IAS officer. It is a profession that demands respect and honour. The recruitment is done based on the exams and interview conducted by Union Public Service Commission. There are two exams; preliminary exam and mains exam. After clearing these exams, the candidate has to face an interview session. Students clear these levels after many attempts; however it is not impossible to clear them. There have been many IAS toppers who are now recruited in various posts across India.
IAS refers to Indian Administrative Service. It is one of the best jobs offered by civil services. Candidates, who clear the exam and the interview session, undergo thorough training sessions. After grooming the candidates, they are placed in strategic positions across India based on their ranking. The exams consist of levels:
Preliminary exam: it has general studies paper and CSAT. General studies paper cover various subjects like history of India, economics, geology, geography etc. CSAT (civil service aptitude test) is a replacement of the 23 optional subjects which were available to the students earlier. Great variations in the scores of candidates were noticed due to the choice of optional subjects. In order to avoid the variations and produce unbiased results Civil service aptitude test is introduced. It is a common test for all candidates. It consists of speed test to check the accuracy of the student and power test which consists of high standard questions.
Mains exam: it is usually conducted in October/ November. Only those students who clear the preliminary exams are eligible to appear for mains exam. It consists of 9 exams which cover various subjects. One should start preparing for mains exams before preliminary, as there is only a short period of time to prepare after the results of preliminary exams are announced.

Mains exam and preliminary exam can be easily cleared if one prepares hard. Many IAS toppers have also provided exam and interview tips. It is the best job offered by Civil services
and ensures a promising future.

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