Civil service exams are highly coveted by the youth of today. The stiff competition has made the run much more exciting and challenging for the youth. Any job offered by civil services is very respectable and puts you one notch above the others. IAS is one of the best jobs offered by the civil services and is the buzzword for today’s generation. Exams and interviews are conducted for the recruitment and once it is done, the candidates are trained thoroughly and placed in strategic positions throughout the country. Earlier there wasn’t much contention for being a part of the civil services; however its recent popularity has led to a large mass of toppers in the exams conducted by UPSC.
There has been a dynamic change in the structure of recruitment and the pattern of question papers in the exam. The IAS recruitment has adopted a much more rational approach to conduct the exams and interviews. This is evident through the increase in general knowledge questions in the IAS exam and he interviews. Earlier, recruitment was done, based on the academic knowledge; however, today it has a much broader view to recruit individuals. They focus more on the general awareness level of the individual which depicts his/her intelligence level and experience to face problems. Another major change in the IAS exam is the change in the syllabus. CSAT has been introduced which has replaced the optional subjects in the IAS preliminary exam. This has made the exams more challenging and totally unbiased.
One should prepare well for these exams as they are very difficult to crack. There have been many toppers who are now recruited as IAS officers and living a luxurious life. When interviewed, they talk about the focus on current affairs. Since the competition is stiff, it is very important to prepare better than the others. The same syllabus is prepared by the students; however it is the current affairs questions that can make you win the race. It is also important to have a strong vocabulary. A separate section is dedicated to the vocabulary which can fetch you easy marks. Practise the question paper from previous years, they will acquaint you with the frequently asked questions and also help you manage time. In CSAT, the speed test tests your accuracy to answer questions in time.
an IAS officer commands respect and power at the same time. With every year the number of toppers in this field increase, this shows the zeal and commitment with which the people work to be a part of the civil services.

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