Civil services have been noted to require candidates to pass the UPSC and CSAT 2012 before they could be able to be admitted to the institutions. This has slowly led to a steady increase of candidate thus leading to even harder competitive examination being made for the candidates. To be able to pass the civil services exam it is important to get some simple but critical point clear so you could increase your chances of passing.

Reason and future aim:
Studies show that many candidate taking civil services examination like UPSC and CSAT 2012 do not really understand the jobs or neither like them. It is important the candidates are offer career guidance with regard to this topic since one must maintain full concentration of the subject to be able to succeed and get good examination results. The decision to join civil services should the candidates themselves since without this one could lack internet and simply be doing it to please others. Do not let people push you in to doing any examination that you may not wish to take as this increase your chances of failing them and make your stand by choosing a field you are interested in.

Preparation has been noted to be the main point when dealing with competitive examination since candidate needs to have a good idea of what they are supposed to be working on. It is important to have done adequate studies regarding the subjects involved since one could easily pass the examination if they know the information regarding question that will be asked. Many students take civil service examination like UPSC and CSAT 2012 for granted hoping to rote learn the information at the last moment but thing go terribly wrong. The material comes from a wide range of sources and general knowledge thus making it impossible to rote lean. One needs to have been preparing for the examination at least one year before to avoid such problems.

Time and stress management:
It is important that a candidate have learned to manage stress and time over the one year they were supposed to study. Without proper management of these two elements the chances of a person failing the examination greatly increase. It is important that a person be able to identify weaknesses they may have with respect to time and stress management. this will in most cases help them improve on their weakness thus giving them a better chance at passing civil services examination like UPSC and CSAT 2012 the very first time the appear for it.

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