You are a leader. Stake your claim to what is yours.

It’s very empowering to acknowledge, celebrate, and truly own all of the aspects of our existence. And each of us is a leader on some level: at home, at work, in the community… through formal or informal roles. Whether a CEO or a stay-at-home parent, we all have the ability to inspire others and create action through our ideas, words, and examples.

Of course we can’t all be leaders in all areas – but we can claim the leadership responsibilities that have already been bestowed upon us: if you’re a parent, then you’re a leader. If others often come to you for feedback or advice, you’re a leader. You’re a leader if you can think beyond the minutiae and the mundane, and if you’re able to assess challenges as opportunities.

We can claim our leadership in any area in which we feel a sense of passion and investment: wherever we care deeply enough to develop our knowledge, self-evaluate and grow, and challenge ourselves and others to strive for something better.

Try expanding your own concept of leadership, and seize the opportunity to stake your claim. You may already be the top dog at work – but how can you bring a more positive influence to your children? Or you may possess no formal title at all – but where can you share your unique knowledge, experience, talent, and wisdom? Where can you influence a change in your world (no matter how small), and inspire those around you to do the same?

You are a leader. Wear it proudly. Positive change is desperately needed on all levels, grand and small – from the political arena, to the boardroom, to the living room. And each of us can embrace the privilege, right, and responsibility to make it happen!

Author's Bio: 

Chris Hammer, Ph.D. is a certified professional coach and licensed psychologist. He offers leadership and life coaching services, as well as various self-development tools for people who are passionate about reaching higher levels of success and becoming the best they can be.

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