Clairvoyance is a special psychic faculty with which a person is born, it is a way of seeing beyond things; the seer is able to know a person's past or present, is a kind of guide, able to give answers, in the form of indications on what to do in the future.

Few psychic seers have this gift, it is inherent in them, they do not acquire it by studying, or following preparatory courses, but it is a gift they have always had in their life.

The true visualizations manifest themselves spontaneously, they have no fixed days or hours. They can express themselves at any time and in any place, letting you see things that are not allowed with the 5 senses, such as objects, places, distant in time or space.

Psychic Visionaries

The history of psychic visionaries has very remote origins, in fact it is lost in the night of the centuries, it has always existed in all cultures, a prominent exponent; in the western world it was Nostradamus, endowed with a latent faculty, who accompanied it throughout the course of the spiritual evolution in his life.

Psychic visionaries really exist, they have different qualities from ordinary people. In fact, they are able to enter a trance phase, they have visions that others do not see or can hear voices, that people around do not hear, they have, so to speak, perceptions extrasensory.

The psychic can see Prana, that is, the vital energy that surrounds the animal and vegetable bodies, is able to perceive the goodness, the badness, the calm or the irritability; enters strong empathy with the emotions of the people who they are near or far from him. Many are the subjects who have this gift, but few manage to develop it correctly.

The true psychic visionaries are those who, conscious of their powers, put them at the disposal of others, often directing people, towards paths of faith. They are able to predict crime, enter in the minds of murderers, lead the police to the places where the victims, or to find missing people.

History of Clairvoyance and Sensitivity

The belief that there are inexplicable phenomena, so-called paranormal, has always existed in various cultures, from the most ancient to the present day.

The ability to predict past or future events was formerly believed, certainly not a positive gift of the individual, but a Pseudo-sensitive perception, such as phenomena of schizotypal personality disorder, or hallucinations.
Today psychic visionaries put their skills at the service of the many people who turn to them, to try to solve problems that beset them.

In the various moments of everyone's life, there are always dark periods, the presence of psychic visionaries can be of great help, to obtain answers and advice, which cannot be found in any other way. Medium Chat is made up of psychic seers, strong of their professionalism, acquired over the years; they address in the utmost confidentiality, to all those who need to find a real point of reference.

Many times their presence is necessary and fundamental to give a further impulse to police investigations, in case of murder or in case of kidnappings, and often these premonitions prove to be exact.

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Misty Jhones