You may have asked yourself just what is clairvoyant ability? Does everyone have it or just certain people? There are some exercises that you can try at home to see if you have any clairvoyant abilities:
1/ The next time your phone rings try and visualize who is on the other end before you answer. Do this regularly and see if you improve or not.
2. Before you roll a dice then try to predict what the number on the dice will be before you roll it. You can start with odd or even numbers at first then try out for a certain number after that. You never know, you may win the lottery this way!
3. When you are watching television try to predict the winner of a show or sporting event. First of all predict the winner and then predict the scores afterwards. You could do this exercise with a friend.
4. When you next go to your bank, then try to predict what window you will get called at. After a while you should get quite good at this and it passes the time more quickly as well.
5. You could try to predict what someone will be wearing when you see them. Try with the colour first and then the style of clothes. You can write this down before you see the person.
6. If you are standing at a bar or in a restaurant queue, then try to predict what the person ahead of you will be ordering. You can then go onto predicting what time you will get your meal etc.
7. If you are in a lift, guess what number each person who enters the lift will press and what floor they will get out at. You could then try to guess how many people will enter the lift or leave the lift at one time.
8. You can try this exercise at home, get a pack of playing cards and turn them over one by one and predict whether it is going to be a red or black card. If you can get your success rate to around 75% then this is very good.
9. If you are standing at a bus stop or waiting for a train, predict what the person nearest to you is going to do, like buttoning up their coat or opening their handbag, or reading the paper.

10. When you go shopping, try to predict what your shopping bill will come to and see if you are right, without adding it up beforehand.

All of these tests will help to develop clairvoyant abilities. Some of them you may get right and some not. But they are a good way of testing if you do have the skills to further this. It also passes a bit of time when you are sitting or standing around waiting for something or someone. Keep at it and you should increase your abilities with a bit of practice. After a while it should become second nature.

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