A child with a curious mind will forever be empowered for the possibilities of the future. Clarion school ignites and sustains each child’s endless quest for discovery.

Following the American curriculum, Clarion School, located in the heart of the city near Downtown Dubai, is currently enrolling up to Grade 6, adding a new grade each year to become a full Pre K – Grade 12 school. The unique progressive program and Master’s Degree teachers deeply engage every child in intentional and meaningful learning built on a solid academic foundation.

Head of the School

Lisa Ripperger is the Principal at Clarion School. Ms. Ripperger joined Clarion in 2018 to take the school, now in its third year, to a new level of organization and academic achievement.

In the school’s first two years, the focus was on building the foundations of a progressive education in an environment predominately offering traditional education models. The future at Clarion is focused on strengthening their progressive education mission and progressive teaching practice. We nurture intellectual curiosity through experiential, constructivist teaching practice in an environment of creativity and exploration.

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