Clarity Through Your Sixth Sense
A Sacred Moment

Opening to nature’s mysterious wisdom is a valuable way to create a sacred moment that allows the brilliance of your sixth sense to emerge.

Dedicate time to feel centered with a posture of open awareness to experience the day with a “Beginner’s Mind”. When you do begin the day with a “Beginner’s Mind”, you’ll learn exactly what you need because of your state of receptivity. Without this essential precondition, nothing can seep in.

How might you cultivate this “Beginner’s Mind”? Deep breathing with progressive relaxation in a regular designated space can help foster it. This sacred space of pure potential sets the condition so that you may move into that moment with truth, love and the essence of your being. Knowing yourself in each moment is knowing all of who you are, in that you become more able to express yourself freely. Of course feelings may surface that will need to be acknowledged, maybe more deeply processed. Each feeling may be there as a thread to discovering something that needs to be noticed, perhaps released. As you notice, the feeling can begin to be externalized so that your body becomes clear of attachment. Once you have managed to enter this space, you’ve increased your natural ability to tap into your sixth sense. It is simply present. The opportunity allows you to merge with your innate creativity and the sacred clarity of now. Just stay fully aware in the moment.

The Spiritual path is more than a metaphysical construct, it is a path continuously unfolding while it enhances inner clarity. As you pay attention and keenly focus on this, you can discover many gems! Your world becomes a clearer reflection of what it is that you need to know; As time goes on, you’ll see that it offers you all that you need. The moment now is just the snapshot. This snapshot is just a scene and not the whole movie. It’s all about clearing the way so that your path becomes crystal clear. Remember that your sixth sense earnestly communicates to capture your attention. All you need to do is to simply just Listen!

When you choose mindfulness, it patterns a realignment with the timeless information that nature imparts so that it may help you accept where you are and invite you to envision all of your dreams. With a “beginner’s mind” we can absorb much of the amazing beauty that is always all around us. We can more readily access our inner child, the part in us who realizes truth spontaneously, speaks freely and plays joyfully.

Children model the relaxed state of awareness by which we can tap into our inner freedom and God-given gifts. We can learn so much from children… Children are naturally intuitive because they are innocent and trust their own impressions. I can personally recall times when I was sitting in the back seat of the car when my father would ask me “What are you thinking?” He observed that I was in a quiet, trance state, transcending the moment; however, my response to him would always be “nothing” because I was in a pure altered awareness state without conscious thought. To the outside observer it may have appeared that I was “daydreaming”, though actually I was in spontaneous mindful awareness. Children do it without effort. As adults we can practice getting back into this childlike state, to reignite the intuition that nurtures our sixth sense. We all have the ability to do so; some more easily than others, but nevertheless, we all can do it . Letting go of limiting beliefs and fully believing in yourself is essential, though not in itself all sufficient. You cannot force the process, you can just trust that it is happening. Your talents are already within you and grace is your universal birthright. This is all yours. Be patient with yourself and the universe. Those sacred moments of clarity will blossom into the beautiful manifestation of their full essence.

When you regularly practice mindfulness, you access the inner pathways that connect you with your sixth sense. As your sixth sense is more fully developed, perspective and clarity are the gifts you'll receive. Relax and know that clarity through your sixth sense is a sacred moment.

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Moreen brings her authentic, intuitive presence into her daily life and connects on a soul-to-soul level. As a Licensed Social Worker (MSW), she has worked in both clinical and non- clinical settings with individuals of all age.

She is passionate about reading and writing metaphysical, and self-help literature.
Author of “Divine Dimensions: Expressions in Daily Life” May 2014. Abbott Press.

Other recent publications include:
“Self Trust, Self Care, Self Signature” featured in The Confident Woman: Tapping Into Your Inner Power.
“Rebalance Your Reality” featured in The Female Leader.
“Inner Wisdom” featured in Baby Boomers: Secrets for Life After 50!
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