In this section, we have tried to compile some of what we believe are the main, and most important, tricks to succeed in Clash Royale. Some seem obvious, others you may have already read or seen before and others perhaps you will not even consider them as tricks, but controlling these tips will make you improve faster, or if not more, have a good time against your rivals.

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Activate the king's tower
Let's start with a classic among the classics. Since the appearance of the Tornado, there is no deck that contains it and does not try it. The idea is very simple: attract enemy troops to the central tower while it is still dormant in order to activate it and support the defense of the princess towers. But... how?

The main idea, as you can see in the following picture, is to use the tornado to drag the offensive troop from the side tower to the center of our defensive board. With this, the troop will no longer target the tower it was hitting and will change its target and focus on the central tower. With this, we will have a little extra help to stop the following enemy attacks.

The main enemies that can be dragged with the tornado are the porcupine, the miner, the balloon, the barrel of goblins, and the golem.

Pushing slow troops
The speed of the cards is a really important element when organizing our strategy in Clash Royale. A prince ramming through the bridge will require our immediate attention while the exit of a Golem, as dangerous as this can be, always gives you a wonderful time to think and react. But what happens when this speed can be modified, catching our enemies by surprise?

The idea is simple, although its execution can cause us serious problems. We place our slow troop (this does not work with the biggest tanks in the game such as golems or giants, as they slow down the race) in front and then, calculating the natural movements of the card, we place our favorite sprinter behind. The result is that the onslaught of our second troop will push the first troop to our objective. And in addition, it will protect our fast troop both from the tower and from possible defensive troops.

Hide the barrel (with rocket)
While this trick may not be very useful in general terms, its correct use can be lethal and will also leave our opponent with a face of absolute incomprehension.

The goblin barrel is one of the most feared cards in Clash Royale. For this reason, its defense is usually immediate, practically sparing no expense, and logs, arrows and discharges are reserved once we discover that our enemy has this card. However, this can be camouflaged behind the rocket, taking advantage of the halo of smoke that it leaves in its wake, causing a few seconds of confusion that can mean a lot of extra damage ... and why deny it, a good laugh at the expense of the opponent. Of course, everything will depend on the coordination that we are able to demonstrate and the practice that we have doing this action because it is really difficult to square and it can suppose a demolishing counter.

Use the 2v2 (do not lose cups and stay in high arenas to take advantage of their improvement in the chests).

For some, the introduction of 2v2 has killed Clash Royale and its essence. For others, it has revitalized its gameplay and allowed us to take those minutes of calm and fun without gambling our cups every game match. We, in all honesty, are of the second opinion...

And besides, the 2v2 has brought much more than a fun game mode, it has brought the option to stay in an arena unpublished for us without having to leave the game subsisting on free chests (yes, I know, you've done it too) for fear of going back down the arena. So, take advantage of 2v2 and the chests it provides to get those cards you don't have yet, improve the level of your decks and cards and thus face the abyss of the sand drop with less pressure.

Create your first big tournament: the first one will give you back the 100 gems.
Certainly from Supercell is seriously shuffling the option to remove this, but while they do not, we strongly encourage you to do so. The point is that one of the achievements (yes, there are achievements, few and easy but there are) allows us to recover the investment after making our first big tournament. That is, we get back the 100 gems invested in creating that tournament, plus we will get experience for overcoming the achievement and, if we play our cards right, we will even win a prize according to our ranking in it. In short, a clear win-win.

To win half of elixir (a.k.a that does not stop the bar/party)
The reality is that there is no trick that allows us to have more elixir than there really is: 10 units. Although sometimes we don't understand where those elite barbarians come from when we have just recovered our first 2 elixir... But you can maximize their use.

The main trick is to never let the bar fill up completely. Due to the lag that exists between the moment in which we launch the troop and the moment in which the elixir is spent, if we rush to the maximum, we will be losing a few seconds of generation of this precious material. To do this, at the moment when our elixir bar is half of 9, we should already be launching our card. By doing this, we will ensure that the flow (the loading bar) does not stop and we will gain half a bar of elixir in relation to our opponent (if he does not do the same). In short, it is not a matter of creating extra elixir, but of not wasting half a drop.

Starting from behind the king's tower
Many inexperienced Clash Royale players will ask themselves, why do I start from behind the tower and not directly on the bridge? It's further away!

And this is where the advantage lies. A clear example is the Golem. His spending 8 elixir on the bridge will not allow us to accompany the attack as it should, however, playing it behind the tower will give us a few extra seconds to recover elixir and to set up an attack as it should.

Taking risks with predicts (without going overboard)
One of the elements that characterize a good player is his ability to guess, shortly after the game, what the opponent's deck is. Not only that, but also to guess in which position he will play a certain card according to the deck and strategy developed during the game. This leads great players to try preventive actions, trying to anticipate the opponent's actions to destroy their defensive moves before they happen.

Here are two examples:
-My opponent is stopping my prince deck or my mountaineer deck by using the skeleton army. It is already 2 attacks that I stop them in the same way. In the third attack that I will launch with a dumbwaiter, I will accompany it with a log or a zap just above, before he launches the skeleton army, risking the loss of my card (and its corresponding elixir) but trying a prediction that can suppose a huge amount of damage on the attacked tower.
-My opponent plays a triple musketeer deck and has almost destroyed one of my towers. In addition, he always plays it in the middle of his defensive zone, making them split and thus more difficult to defend. So, when I detect that the opponent has been accumulating elixir for a while, I can try to launch a rocket or a fireball (or lightning) in the area where historically he has been throwing the musketeers, thus causing his death before they split and anticipating a future problem.

The problem? If I fail and abuse the predicts I can give the victory to my opponent on a platter since not only I will not anticipate his card but I will also unbalance my elixir for future defense. In any case... we are here to play!

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