There was a time when wedding cars did not have many shades to choose from. In fact, right since the day cars started to be used for weddings until the 70s, wedding cars always used to be black. Not any more though. They now come in various shades, and each shade has a different meaning and property of its own. When they used to be black, it used to go with everything, and it still does! Then white came and now brides and grooms can choose from a wide range of shades, depending upon their personal preference.  

Here is a brief account of a few colours that stand out from a hoard of others, which make these wedding cars so very special.


Black continues to be one of the most popular choices of wedding couples. It, after all, has a tinge of originality, and most of the classic varieties come in shining black. The shade evokes a lot of power and importance, making sure that the car is something everyone should watch out for – something that newly-weds would appreciate. The shade has an element of elegance and style written all over it. Pairing the shade with a wedding car in Sydney like a wild phantom or a stylish Halass is a sure shot winning combination.


Silver is sleek and alluring, refined and pure. The shade can seamlessly compliment either a contemporary or a modern style of wedding and is an ideal accent to almost all the other tones. Silver can be distinguished and is elegant, and is more often than not associated with earth and nature, and with responsibility. It is glamorous, more so when it is paired with black. The resultant elegance is, to be frank, bountiful. That is why, amongst the classic wedding cars in Sydney, the Camaro 67 Chev or a Muzzy 67 make a world of difference by the virtue their shade.


While once upon a time, black was perceived as THE SHADE IN CHIEF for the wedding cars, white is at the helm at present. White is often considered to be an element of stark contrast to a sea of other shades, thus helping the cars to stand out of the crowd.  A white Junior or a White Night combined in white and black are sure to make heads turn because of all the grace and style. Even the ones that come in pure white, symbolise purity , and that is what every newly-wed couple would like to portray.


People choose blue when they hire classic wedding cars in Sydney a bit too much these days. This shade is slowly and steadily gaining popularity at present as it portrays calmness as well as smoothness. In fact, it goes seamlessly with weddings. That is the reason the stature of blue Halass and Wild Phantom has gained so much popularity as wedding cars.

Though there are other shades like pink and violet, and a few other shades to experiment with, those mentioned here are the shades that predominantly reigns the world of weddings cars to bring in more vigour and glamour in modern weddings.  

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