You may have seen some EFT videos or tapping scripts that tell you to say "I am fed up with this pain" for one round, followed by "I want to get rid of this pain" for the next round, then "I want to be pain-free" for the third round. Or you may have been advised to do one negative round followed by one positive one, all the way through. Hence why you are reading this article on what to say for Pain in classical EFT. Because sometimes it works for you, and sometimes it does not.

There is nothing wrong with changing the phrases if you know how to do NLP effectively and mix the two. Otherwise, every EFT practitioner out there vies with all others to produce the scripts that Gary Craig quite rightly is very much against on his website and in his newsletters. I have even had to write in to him to say my scripts are not a one-size fits all, and they are tailor-made, you are shown how to make up your own specific statements, etc, but he is adamant on keeping the warnings, and I agree with him on this one, because people then think that EFT has to have complicated wording that has to get you tongue-twisted. EFT is much simpler. Some of what I call 'the cleverness I-am-better-than-the-next-EFT-practitioner-please-buy-my-product/service" video or script, and what Gary Craig lumps all together with genuine non-verbatim scripts as "script" are more confusing than helpful, and sometimes can compound the issue rather than help. You need to be specific about where exactly the pain is. The pain may move, for example, from the leg to the hip to the neck, and you have to be specific about each body part. After all, we are tapping away unwanted energy. It is all about energy. And when we name the exact place that energy is stuck, we connect to it very well. If this does not work, then we look for root causes. Hence the way you are led through an investigation in how to look for root causes, and how to make up simple statements to release root causes. Step-by-step, you will learn how to do it in a way that targets that energy disruption very specifically. Remember, EFT is about releasing an energy disruption, and if what you are using to release this disruption is working, then you are doing it right.

Gary Craig uses for example "this remaining pain... ", for subsequent rounds of EFT. This has been tried and tested without the "remaining' part by many practitioners, and it has worked just the same. So my style is to remove the "remaining". However, if you like it, simply keep it. Whatever works for you is the right way.

Sometimes, people are so tired of the pain that it becomes really urgent to get rid of it. Maybe the pain is way too much, or there is extra tension making it worse, or perhaps like some of my clients, you have a deadline by which you will have to have an operation, and that is causing the tension, which in turn tenses all the muscles that are spasming even more and seems to make your whole nervous system more sensitive. Whatever it is, it is all tappable. You can tap for "This need to get rid of the pain before I have to give in and have the operation" for example, or "It hurts so much, I can't think straight any more", or "This tension that I store in my [put the body part here]", or "This angry inflammation", or "This [please name the source of the hurt] that I carry in [put body part here]". Of course, I do not know your situation and so cannot comment specifically, but I hope this helps you on your way to doing the detective work.

Wishing you comfort and ease always.

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