Homeowners have one common challenge that happens because of cooking; cleaning the dirty utensils. Kettle is one of the utensils that is expected to be neat because of the works it does in the home. Take for instance, millions of people consume unlimited cups of coffee every day. That is a whole lot of work for the kettle to do and at the end of the day, lime scales are deposited on these kettles.

The lime scale has become the headache of those who have kettles at home. However, this is not a challenge because there is a simple remedy for it. Have you heard of malt vinegar? To combat the stubborn limescale, you need something that will descale the lime. With the different vinegar mixtures on the market, it may take time for you to pick the right cleaning vinegar for your kettle.

Over the years, we have see homeowners who are at loss on what to do when it comes to keeping their kettles neat. Even if you are not a coffee person, your kettle can still suffer from lime scale. Taking care of this scale is simple and may not necessary cost you much money.

There is the common white vinegar that has less smell and flavour that most homeowners use, and today, we are introducing the malt vinegar. Making a malt vinegar is simple because you can visit a local shop and get everything you need to get your kettle clean and sparkling.

Descaling With Malt Vinegar:

The first thing you need to do is to pour the vinegar right inside the kettle. Make sure that it covers the area affected. You are expected to leave the vinegar for about an hour or more. The next thing to do is to add water that equals the vinegar. Put the kettle on a burner or stove and allow it to boil. When you are through with the boiling, you should pour the vinegar solution. The kettle will be descaled and look very neat.

Optional Tip for electric kettle

This is another method you need to get your electric kettle back to its former sparkling state. You should rinse out the kettle over and over, or you can boil water to mask the vinegar taste and smell if there is any left over. You will use the boiled water and wash your other dishes because it can serve other utensils.

Affordable and Natural

There are benefits associated with using vinegar for your washing or descaling a kettle. It is natural and affordable compared to the chemical tablets that some people use. You do not need to spend a lot of money in keeping your kettle sparkling with lime scales.

Ensure you clean a kettle often by filling it with water above the lime scale. Then, you should add three tablespoons of vinegar before you can boil it. You should do this often or when you think it is necessary to keep away lime scale from your kettle.

The environment is one of the factors that are considered when producing home cleaning products. When you make use of malt vinegar, it is easier to maintain a natural environment compared to when chemicals are used. Also, you have no fear of getting sick because of vinegar taste or smell. You can easily do away with the taste and smell when you clean your kettle well.


The experts at the Dogblow point out that sometimes, it is not necessary to add water when you want to descale your kettle. You can try an alternative of popping your vinegar in to close up the scale. Leave it for some time or overnight for it to work on the elements. The fact that water is not added does not make it less effective in action.


When it comes to using malt vinegar for your cleaning of kettle, you should ensure that the solution is splash out of its spout

Final Verdict:

With the number of cleanings you need to do at home, your kettle can be less daunting when you have your malt vinegar close to you. It is safer and works like magic to give your lime scale kettle the perfect solution it requires. Finally, malt vinegar is not something that you are going to spend a lot of money on and it is easy to administer.

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