Natural stones are loved by all. They make for great investments considering their contributions in beautifying premises. However like several other accents which reign over the aesthetics of a property, natural stones like sandstones and various others demand proper maintenance. Most often these natural stones are maintained by knowledgeable professionals who ensure the stone lasts long. 

Although stones are heavier and sturdier objects, they are not indestructible. Using harsh cleaning agents and neglecting the stones for an extended period of time can bring upon irreversible damage. That is why we recommend owners to opt for sandstone cleaning professionals in Cromer

Why stone maintenance is necessary 

To ensure that the stone continues to look immaculate for years, proper maintenance is necessary. With proper care, the stones will continue to shine and retain its beauty. Although general stone cleaning and maintenance tools don’t cause much harm to these earthy elements, at times service providers apply chemical components affecting the physical features of the stone. 

Common stone cleaning mistakes which owners should be wary of 

Using vinegar on stone 

When it comes to sandstone cleaning in Chatswood owners should stay wary of the cleaning agents used. Only cleaners which are appropriate for stone surfaces should be applied. Vinegar is not suitable for cleaning natural stones like sandstone. 

Acidic cleaners like vinegar react to natural stones like marble, sandstone and limestone. They lead to harsh results like etching or burning of the stone surface. Cleaners which are applicable for cleaning stones must have neutral pH balance. Sandstone and granite are noticeably impacted upon by vinegar leading to breaking down of the sealer. 

Using abrasive tools 

Sometimes homeowners who prefer DIY jobs mistakenly use abrasive tools assuming they can get rid of stains and etches on the stone’s surface little knowing that this process leads to faster deterioration of the object. 

Scrubbing pads are not good for sandstones and other natural stones. They have an abrasive impact on the stone’s surface. If you wish to clean and maintain the natural stone take a soft cloth and dip it inside a mild solution and gently rinse the stone. 

Failing to regularly mop the stones 

When the owner thinks of opting out of professional sandstone cleaning services in Terrey Hills and considers a DIY cleaning process, they are recommended mopping the stone surface regularly to eliminate abrasive debris and dust which track in every day. Over time such loose debris and dirt result in extreme wear and a faded appearance. 

Dust mopping is the easiest way to clean up natural stone flooring and countertops. If you feel mopping is too strenuous, use a vacuum cleaner. 

Keeping high traffic zones unprotected 

High traffic zones cause daily wear of stone surfaces especially floorings. With time, the stone even wears down and its appearance too changes. That’s why owners are expected to keep such high traffic zones protected. 

Not sealing the stone 

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance of stones, owners are required to pay attention to the sealant applied on them which acts as a protective shield for these earthy elements against several external factors. Although owners are often tempted to lay their hands on a DIY process, our experts suggest they get them sealed by professionals. Stones should ideally be sealed once in every five years especially if they are located in high traffic zones. 

Owners must remain careful when it comes to maintaining natural stones like sand stones, granite, limestone and marble. They should rather seek support from professionals for effective cleaning and maintenance results. 

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The author runs a sandstone cleaning company in Cromer. These days the author has been shedding light on different matters related to natural stone maintenance.