Cleaning the dryer is not something you immediately think of. Why not? The dryer is often used, but cleaning it is usually forgotten. Check out our 4 golden tips to keep in mind when cleaning your dryer.

The danger of fluff in the dryer/

Many people are fans of the tumble dryer (hello soft towels), but there is a danger in this appliance. A dryer has a chance of catching fire. When the machine dries the clothing by means of hot air, in combination with fluff and dust from the clothing, a fire can occur.

By regularly cleaning your dryer, you can reduce the risk of fire. It doesn't have to be that difficult – below we have shared four simple tips to clean your dryer.

1. Keep the dryer free of fluff

It is wise to remove all fluff from the filter every time after you use the dryer. Run a zigzag motion across the filter with your finger and remove all dust with your finger.

Once in a while it is good to clean the filter more extensively. Make some soapy water with hot water and a (natural) cleaning agent. Grab a sponge and rub the filter gently to avoid breaking the filter. Rinse the cleaned filter well with hot water, so that the soap residue does not end up in the machine and your clothes.

Dry the filter thoroughly with a clean cloth and your dryer is ready for use again. It is recommended to clean the filter in the dryer once every six months.

2. Check water drainage

There are two different types of tumble dryers – the condenser dryer and a drain dryer. The drain dryer works simply: the moisture that comes out of the laundry is drained outside (the drain). This only needs to be cleaned occasionally with a cloth, so that any dirt from the water does not remain in the drain.

With a condenser dryer, the moisture from the clothing is often collected in a container that you empty after every wash. Don't forget to clean the tray every once in a while.

3. Clean the Condenser Dryer

With condenser dryers, the stainless steel grille of the condenser must be cleaned regularly (on the bottom of the appliance). A condenser ensures that the steam that is created when the laundry is dried is converted into water.

You can clean the condenser by rinsing it well under the tap and then drying it. Try to do this regularly, because a lot of fluff can end up in it. If the condenser is never cleaned, fluff will remain behind and the risk of fire is much greater.

4. Invisible Dirt

Although the drum of your dryer actually never looks dirty, it is still good to clean it once every few weeks with a wet cloth and some cleaning vinegar.

The fabric softener from the clothes often leaves a thin layer on the drum that you can't see, but is definitely there. This means that the electrical sensors in the machine can do their job less well and there is a risk of damage to your dryer.

Although a tumble dryer is an ideal appliance, it consumes quite a bit of energy and is less good for maintaining the quality of your clothes. That is why we let our washed clothes and laundry dry in the open air. Saves you a lot of energy costs.

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Misty Jhones