"The key to getting what you want is to cause a shift in your vibrations to focus on what you do want." – Frank Mangano

The Law of Attraction is based upon a more fundamental law, the Law of Vibration. The Vibration Law says that every result, every thought, everything has a particular vibration. The Law of Attraction states that you manifest those things with which your vibration harmonizes. To put it in scientific terms, like attracts like. What you are like are those things that harmonize with your vibration.

So to manifest something, you must get your vibration to harmonize with what you want. This means you need to control your vibrations, so that you can change your vibrations consciously, rather than have your vibrations determined unconsciously. The source of your vibrations is your mind, namely your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. The strongest of these vibrational sources is your emotional responses, followed by your beliefs, and lastly by your thoughts. Both emotional responses and beliefs reside in your subconscious mind rather than your conscious mind,

By this reasoning, in order to manifest a particular result, you need to change your beliefs and emotional responses so that your vibration harmonizes with what you want to manifest. There are several techniques to change the contents of your subconscious mind, including (but not limited to) your self-talk, hypnosis, dream programming, and meditation. Each of these techniques, and the others available, has strengths and weaknesses, and all are designed to change the contents of your subconscious mind.

If you are like most of us, your subconscious has been uncontrolled for years; that condition will not change overnight. You need to work on clearing your subconscious of the debris of years of uncontrolled thinking so that you can put in the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that will help you manifest your desires. Each technique will help you clean up a particular type of unwanted material that resides in your subconscious; once something is cleaned up and cleared out, there is space in your subconscious to put in what you deliberately choose.

So the key to getting what you want is to create vibrations within yourself which are harmonic with what you want. In order to create the vibrations you desire, you need to have your subconscious contain that which you desire rather than just anything that has shown up. Therefore, just like a room in your house, you need to clean up the clutter that has accumulated over time so there is room for the contents you want. The tools of change allow you to replace old clutter in your subconscious mind with new, directed contents. This replacement invokes the Law of Attraction, which will cause the Universe to manifest what you desire. Which, after all, is what we want.

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John Steely is a certified life coach concentrating on personal and professional development. His site Steely Services provides information on personal development topics. John shares his love of classics in his Monthly Classic program of free books.