Believe it or not, but some homeowners like doing their own household chores. And even though some chores are easy to accomplish via ‘nifty-do-it-yourselfers’; carpet cleaning is certainly not one of them.


In fact Steve Riley: a carpet steam cleaning expert serving Melbourne believes that Self Cleaning Your Carpets Can Actually Make It Worse. 


Thinking How This Is Even Possible?


Simple. It all comes down to two crucial aspects- the Shampoo And The Machine.


FUN Fact:- Believe it or not, the primary function of a carpet disinfecting shampoo is to attract dust, dirt and debris. And they are great at it. The main issue is when you mix the shampoo with cleaning machines like ‘rug doctors’ for example (very popular among numerous homeowners).


But the reality of it is they are hardly effective in getting all the shampoo remains from the carpet fabric. And when those traces of shampoo are left sitting in the carpet surface post cleaning, it just attracts more filth in the days and weeks that follow.


Even you may have noticed this, and perhaps this could explain why they appear dirtier even after a day of DIY carpet cleaning.


What Else?


  1. Many even arrange for the materials and equipment to self-steam clean their carpets. And though their heart is in the right place, there are just so many ways in which this idea can go wrong.


It can ruin your precious home carpets by damaging the internal padding or even the floor underneath the carpet surface.


And also increase the chance of moulds issues or stains occurring on the carpet (even worse than the ones before).


Furthermore, the drying part is also a tricky one. With professional cleaners, they’ve got access to large industry fans which makes drying a piece of cake. Not sure the same can be said when you attempt to do it on your own.


If the carpet is not dried completely and put to use (which is the case most times), then it will deteriorate faster (even accelerating the growth of moulds, germs and bacteria), not to mention the additional obnoxious smell that it will start exuding out.


  1. Self-cleaning carpets can also hamper your health. While cleaning, there’s no telling the kind of harmful chemicals you will be exposed to.


And since homeowners have very little idea about how to keep them safe during such risky tasks, they can get prone to unexpected health complications- thus putting even their loved ones in danger!


  • Lastly, it could potentially double up your expenses. One downright frustrating feeling is having to pay a sum of your hard-earned cash and not getting results, only to summon best-in-class carpet cleaning service experts later and get it done properly.


Still, Believe That DIY Carpet Cleaning Is The Way For You?


It could be, for one who knows how to self-clean carpets properly. But in general, it is most certainly not the way to go about it.


The rational and cost-convenient way would be to hire a 5-star carpet cleaning service provider to do the task at the first go.


They will:-


  • Offer high-end luxury cleaning at industry-standard rates.
  • Make use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and industry specific equipment to achieve the desired cleaning results.
  • Furthermore, they will even remove the stinky smell coming from them and leave it with a fresh smell.


Important Note:- Some distinguished cleaning companies offer discounted rates or promo codes like 20% off on steam carpet cleaning on their services.


Find them out, compare their special offers together, and schedule an appointment with the chosen agency. They will professionally restore the lost shine in your carpet in quick time.

Author's Bio: 

The author a carpet steam cleaning expert serving Melbourne for years. And being a lover or writing, the author educates the readers on how trusting best-in-class carpet cleaning service is the right way to clean your carpets right.