I thought I was watching a cop drama on television for a moment this morning. I looked out my front door and standing in my yard were several deputies from the Sheriff’s Department with shotguns, hiding behind our trees. At least five of their cars surrounded our street. “What in the world is going on?” was all I could think. This wasn’t some cop drama on TV. This was my neighborhood. We live on a golf course in a quiet gated community with beautiful manicured lawns and an abundance of wildlife and greenery.

That scene was just the beginning. The next thing I knew, my 80-year-old neighbor was standing spread-eagle across one of the Sheriff’s vehicles. By this point, we had a better idea of what was going on: Our neighbor had ticked off a golfer and at the time had been holding a gun.

I’ll call my neighbor Clint, you know Dirty Harry. I know three things about him: He’s a nice guy once you get to know him, but he can’t stand anyone to bother his yard. And he has an aura about him that reminds me of an old crusty military sergeant.

Clint ticked off that golfer this morning while in his backyard killing snakes with his .22 rifle filled with rat pellet. Not a good combination when you’re about to have an altercation. Thankfully, Clint didn’t have to say, “Go ahead. Make my day.” Only a few words were hurled and the golfer drove off. Clint thought that was the end of it until the Sheriff’s Department showed up.

It turns out that Clint wasn’t the only one who was angry. The golfer called the Sheriff’s Department and reported an irate man with a gun. That’s when the SWAT team showed up. Yes, I’m exaggerating a little here. It wasn’t the SWAT team, but it sure felt like it. To see men swarming in your yard and surrounding your neighbor’s home with guns is quite disconcerting. Thankfully, Clint was able to clear up the drama with the deputies and soon came over to share his part of the story.

It turns out that this isn’t the first altercation Clint’s ever had with a golfer. As he shared story after story, I realized that this is HIS story. All of these altercations are a mirror to the energy that Clint holds inside of himself. He’s just like an old crusty military sergeant always ready for battle. And, as a result, battles continually show up.

Whatever energy you send out to the world is the energy you’re going to get back. That’s how the universe works; it’s a mirror to our minds. If you’re loving and kind and know that you deserve the same in turn, you will receive that kind of love. On the other hand, if you have negative false beliefs rooted in anger and strife, that’s exactly what will show up in your life.

Somewhere in Clint’s mind, he carries a belief that says life is a series of battles and he has to fight for his rights. However, if he were to go within and clean up the chaos in his mind, the altercations would end.

What chaos in your mind creates the chaos in your life? Have you ever asked yourself why certain things repeat themselves over and over again?

I invite you to go within and clean up the chaos in your mind. Think about something that continually shows up in your life. Do you fight a lot with your spouse or a friend? Do you consistently feel as if people judge you, or are out to get you? Or maybe you feel left out all of the time? Whatever reoccurs in your life is a message from the universe telling you to look inside and clean out the chaos in your mind.

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Terri Amos-Britt is the author of "Message Sent" and her recently completed book, "The Enlightened Mom," as well as co-author of the bestseller, "Wake Up Women." As a spiritual coach and motivational speaker, Terri shares her experiences as a wife, mom, step-mom, former Miss USA and television host, inspiring others to release the emotional chaos in their lives, creating lives of passion, purpose and love. Terri is the co-founder of the Enlightened Family Institute with her husband, Charlie Britt. Their mission is to bring hope and healing to individuals and families all over the world. For more information, please go to EnlightenedFamilyInstitute.com.