Clear aligners - dental position for adults who are not visible

Dental care is moving forward. Continuous modern methods and techniques are presented that are not only effective, but adapted to human life as well. Therefore, it is no wonder that today there are alternatives to the more "old-fashioned" classic tooth rack in metal, so-called "rail".

At Lentini Dental Werribee, we are now introducing the modern tooth control method with clear aligners where transparent rails of specialty plastic do the job. Dental stand for adults. Painless and almost invisible dental position with absolutely fantastic results.

What is meant by the tooth position being invisible?

This tooth control method includes rails that you use to move your teeth. The rails are translucent and not visible when you laugh or talk. The rails are made according to your particular teeth, which makes it look very natural. The rails are made of durable thermoplastic that is completely harmless and approved for medical use.

The rails move their teeth a little at a time

The transparent rails produced are different from each other. They are shaped so that your teeth move a little at a time. You start with rails that differ slightly from how your teeth are positioned at the start of the treatment. After one to two weeks (may vary!) The rails have moved their teeth a little closer. Then you switch to rails that differ slightly from the first rails. So the process continues until you have gone through the entire series of rails and the teeth are placed exactly where you want them.

Rails for windows, crowded teeth, bite errors

Very few people are born with perfect cogs. It is extremely common with crowded teeth, where the teeth sit a little uneven due to too little space in the jaws. In many cases, there is also too much space in the jaws, leading to gaps between the teeth. Clear aligners work effectively to move the teeth in the jaws, giving you the straight rows of teeth you have always wanted.

What regulatory problems can be solved with Clear Aligners?

Dental rack for crowded teeth
Pulls apart teeth that are compressed in the jaws.
Tooth position for gaps between teeth
Moves teeth closer together to reduce / remove gaps between teeth.
Cross bite The
teeth of the upper jaw and lower jaw are alternated in front of and behind each other. The jaws are misaligned and help ensure that the teeth are not fixed in a smooth cog.
bite Deep bite (also called upper bite) is a bite deviation where the teeth in the upper jaw are placed far in front of the lower jaw line. This may mean that the lower jaw teeth press up against the palate. In severe deep bites, the teeth can cause ulcers in the palate.
Open bite
Open bite is when you have a space between the front teeth between the upper jaw and the lower jaw when you bite.
How do I get the rails?
The first thing that happens is that you get to visit a dentist who is certified to perform this type of dental regulation and dental position for adults. Contact the Dentist and we will refer you right. The dentist will look at your teeth and listen to your wishes and needs. You will be thoroughly informed about the process and the procedure.

It is important that you have done a regular dental examination before the dental procedure is started. For example, you may not have caries infestations that are not corrected. X-rays, photos and prints on your teeth will be taken.

Then the prints are analyzed and you will meet your dentist again to go through a 3D model of how the result will be for you. If you approve this model, the treatment can be started only a week later.

The rails manufactured move the teeth to a new position in the jaw. A treatment can take between 2 to 18 months. You usually change rails every week if it is not a special treatment situation. A treatment can take between 2-18 months depending on how big the bet adjustment is to be made. Usually a treatment lasts between 3-6 months.

When should the rails be used?
This dental position for adults is used throughout the day, both daytime and nighttime. The only time you remove them is when you eat, brush your teeth and / or use dental floss. Smoking is not recommended as the rails can become discolored. Chewing gum should also be avoided as it can stick to the rails. You can clean the rails with lukewarm water. Further information will be provided by your dentist.

Does it hurt?

No, it doesn't hurt. It can hurt and tighten your teeth a bit when changing rails. However, it is only a good sign, which shows that the rails press the teeth in the desired direction.

Do Clear Aligners Work on Everyone?

Human bites, teeth and jaws look different from person to person. As many as four million people have been tooth-regulated with this dental position with successful results and we are very pleased to be able to offer you this dental position for adults to get the smile you always wanted. An individual assessment by your dentist is required before treatment can begin. Start by contacting us, and we'll take it from there.

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