The first obvious requirement to having what you want is knowing what you want. Most people can give you a detailed list of what they don’t want, but how many people can actually articulate in minute detail the things they desire in all areas of their life? Very few! But taking the time to get in touch with our greatest desires is well worth the effort.

What we do with these desires is the next big question. There are several options: Tuck them away where they will live in the shadow of “what might have been” or validate them by turning them into clear intentions. By definition, intention merely suggests clearer formulation and greater deliberateness.

Clear intentions that are conceived in the heart are the ones that generally grow to full fruition. The heart is where the dream first takes shape, giving it the emotional connection or motivation it needs to be fully supported. A clearly defined “Why” is the driving force & key component to any clear intention.

Next your dream is processed in your head, where a “goal” becomes the concrete result. We use our goals as a means of clarifying what we want to achieve, as a compass for focused purposeful living and fulfillment and to simply utilize the powerful Law of Attraction.

The act of committing to paper what you want to do, be, and have serves as an attraction magnet to invite great things into your life. Research has shown that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them than those who merely “keep it in mind”. Why? One reason is that you are forced to define and clarify what it is that you want before you can write it down. While it can’t be proven that every person who has ever set a clearly defined goal got what they were after, it can be shown that no success has been brought about by uncertain intentions.

So the first step in making your dream a “clear intention” is writing it down. Once you do, you are automatically applying the Law of Attraction. The Universe will begin to put circumstances and opportunities before you that will support you on your path towards success.

“When you intention is clear, when you are in touch with what it’s really all about for you, it opens the floodgates. It’s like the universe is waiting to give you what you want. Synchronicity occurs; serendipitous events happen. Clear Intention keeps you centered in the face of all pain, fear, and self doubt that we experience on our way to success.” Shannon Seek, CPCC

Articulating your intention in very specific detail is a second critical step. While “affirmations” were the “rage” over the past two decades, their lack of specificity & personal connection came up short as a clear intention.

Affirmations are general and typically quite nebulous. Most often they are single statements like the following:

• I am at peace with the Universe

• I consciously bring money into my life

• I am worthy of love and fulfilling relationships

The typical implementation for affirmations is that they are written on cards or post-it notes and then scattered through out the house on mirrors, dashboards, refrigerators etc. The idea is that you read them (aloud) every time you see them.

One of the biggest draw backs of affirmations is that they aren’t specific enough to create a powerful vision that will compel you to action. With single sentence affirmations, your mind (or imagination) isn’t given enough information to create an inner picture that conjures up the important aspects of goal accomplishment: emotion, motivation, visualization, & action plan.

And that’s exactly why statements of clear intention (or LifeVision Statements) are so much more powerful than simple affirmations. Each of these statements includes the When, Why and How (the action plan) of each intention. They aren’t a one-size fits all, but take into account your unique gifts, talents, & personality. These vision statements are concrete enough that you can visualize it in detail.

Here’s an example:

Affirmation: I am a conscious creator and giver.

Clear Intention/Vision Statement: As a conscious creator and giver, I find joy in serving others. Daily, I share something of myself. I find little things I can do to lighten others burdens. I find ways to be in spirit. Once a week on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am, I spend 2 hours rendering service. I have 2 refugee women that I work with. I spend time with these women. I mentor them and offer practical service to assist them in integrating into this country. I have a special financial account designated for blessing the lives of others. I deposit $250 into it each month. I use this money wisely for those less fortunate than myself. It feels incredible giving back as it not only enlarges my soul but creates value for others.

As you can see, the affirmation is a clever and beautiful statement and yet it doesn’t give my brain the specifics it needs to actually do something to become the person I want to be. The clear intention or LifeVision statement on the other hand gives my brain something to go after. As I feed that visualization into my mind daily, it can’t necessarily distinguish between what’s reality and what isn’t, but regardless it’s goal seeking mechanism pursues the path for accomplishment. My mind actually has something concrete to “land on” now and will find a means and method for accomplishing it.

By focusing on my clear intentions each day (I use the method of Listening to them via my iPod mixed with Baroque music), I find myself taking action steps that narrow the gap between where I currently am and where I want to be. It is a cause in motion that literally activates and attracts the things I desire into my life. Clear Intentions are the key to living your Ideal Life.

Author's Bio: 

Ann Webb is a LifeVision expert who has been coaching and training Ideal LifeVision for more than eighteen years. She is the Author of The Power of Creating a LifeVision. Ann does regular workshops and seminars, teaching others how to use the goal setting process of LifeVision to begin living your ideal life now. Visit Ann’s Blog at www.ideallifevision.