Clearing the Channel for Your Personal GPS

There really is only ONE question you need ask yourself today, or any day: “Which way and which choice brings me closer to my own Sacred Purpose?” The answer reveals the pathway. You have your very own personal GPS built right inside of you that is intended to help you navigate through life. Can you hear its messages? Can you hear its guidance? Or, is there too much static to even notice its existence?

Look into the mirror of your life and experiences. What do you see reflected there? Do you see Balance? Peace? Harmony? Self love? Acceptance of others? Passion for life? You have the choice in this very moment to extend your vision, expand your awareness, and focus on the limitless possibilities for growth available to you. The opportunities are there. The guidance is available. Your vision and your energetic channel must be clear enough to notice the open doors and hear the subtle guidance that leads you to them. Far too often the cloudy haze of chaotic living and limiting thought patterns only reveal closed doors and locked windows. If you can consciously transcend the confines of ego-centered living, and shift into living each day from your heart, the most magnificent doors of grace and beauty will open before you with ease.

Make an effort today to truly see who you are with your spiritual eyes, not your ego’s eyes, and embrace your own light and shine it forth into the world. Your soul wants to shine! Walking through the gateways that lead to a powerful, self-directed life – where you are grounded in your own authentic power and authority – happens naturally when you remember that you are an immensely powerful spiritual being that was intended to awaken to your sacred purpose through the process of growth, expansion, and awakening.

Listening to the callings of your soul and acting upon them inspires feelings of serenity, peacefulness, and even relief. To experience this you need personal clarity, a keen sense of awareness, and attention to your intuitive feelings on a daily basis. Unless you consciously create (through intention, meditation, creativity, imagination, and focus) a flow of clear, organized energy, you will be far too distracted to even notice the subtle nudging’s of your soul attempting to reveal the pathway that is in alignment with your sacred, divine purpose.

It will feel so liberating when you clean out the old and ”lighten up” your life by getting rid of old material things you no longer use. When you purge your life of unnecessary “stuff,” you will also feel inspired to get ride of the people, circumstances, and habits that no longer serve your soul’s truest goals and desires. It’s a liberating feeling when you clean out your desk drawers, your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, clear out the garage, throw away old magazines, clean out your purse or briefcase, and get rid of accumulated “junk” that you no longer use. When you do this, you will undoubtedly feel lighter, more free, and capable of tuning into the voice inside you– your inner compass.

When you consciously intend to nurture your whole self by making time for rest, meditation, stretching/exercising of the body and mind, feeling gratitude, play/recreation, and plenty of laughter, you will slow down your pace enough to notice the beauty around you and awaken to the subtle messages being whispered to you from moment to moment. Those messages pave the way for living your life on purpose, with purpose, with spiritual integrity, and love for all. Finishing up old business and closing doors to the past clears the energy on every level so that you can travel through your day to day experiences at a leisurely, steady pace that supports the growth, expansion, and evolution of your soul.

Only then can you truly begin listening to your intuitive feelings and have confidence in your ability to be receptive to this guidance from your higher self. In this energetic state, you can easily and beautifully move into experiences that will expand your vision and awaken a new sense of joy and passion that flows from the inside-out. It’s important to remember that a frantic, disorganized environment that is filled with clutter and too many external demands on your time and energy will block your channel to the messages of the soul. The chaos creates an emotional turbulence and “static” that shuts down your connection to your intuitive voice that holds all the answers you could ever need or desire. All the external “noise” will prevent you from hearing the guidance of your soul. The bottom line is that without clarity, positive intentions, and a purpose-full sense of direction you will create a clogged and very confusing existence! You deserve more than that.

As you eliminate anything that prevents you from hearing the clear, confident voice of your soul, you will glide onto the path of sacred, purpose-full living. This is your option. Every day offers this option to choose again and create a new and fresh existence that stems from living with spiritual conviction, courage, love, and acceptance for yourself and everyone around you. When you remain open and receptive, listen, trust and then act upon the subtle, yet powerful guidance of your soul (which always takes into account the well being of ALL) you move into synchronistic living. This kind of living is magical. As you actively contribute to our your own personal growth, while also choosing to be of service to others, you develop the spiritual wings to rise above the meaning-less and petty affairs, activities, and focuses and move into purpose-full living. When we all begin to place our focus, awareness, and attention on spiritual rewards instead of material rewards, we can and will make our world an absolutely beautiful paradise. This is done one heart at a time. Are you ready to do YOUR part?

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