As I begin this week, I remind myself that any one of my endeavors will only turn out as good as the quality of the experience I had completing it.

Everything is being evaluated through the filters of the thinking mind. We experience the tasks at hand through rote thought and learned behaviors.

Eventually the mind drifts into negative thinking and we wonder why we feel bad and our endeavors turn sour.

When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. -Eckhart Tolle

I will begin this week as the Eyewitness to thought. I will connect with inner Stillness, higher Intelligence, Self. I will step into the space of boundless possibility.

Now that feels good. :)

EMPOWERMENT:  As the Eyewitness, I complete my tasks easily, effortlessly and most importantly, enjoyably.

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Gina Charles writes about authentic living and spiritual awakening with wit and practicality. She is the author and illustrator of 2 books, “Shift Happens” and “FUEL Your Life”. Gina is also the author of the Authentic Living Blog, and founder of the New World Apparel dot com. For more, visit: