When your sinuses are blocked, it can be frustrating and irritating to go about your normal routine. Eating and sleeping can be difficult, as you are unable to breathe properly. It can also affect your sense of balance and cause sinus headaches when the blockage reaches the ears. Aside from that, a blocked sinus will most probably lead to sinus infection if left untreated.

How Does Your Sinus Get Blocked
A normal person has four pairs of sinuses that assist in warming and filtering the air that enters the nasal cavities. These sinuses are lined with mucus and cilia, a hair-like substance responsible for moving the mucus in and out of the sinuses. When the cilia become irritated and unable to perform its function, the mucus builds up in the nasal passages and irritates the nasal membranes. This results in swelling of the nasal membranes, starting a blockage in the sinuses.

A blocked sinus can lead to more serious problems if ignored. Here are some conditions that can be triggered by a simple blockage in the sinuses:
- Breathing difficulties are to be expected when your sinuses are blocked. This can also cause fatigue as your body exerts more effort in breathing. Sleeping is also affected especially when the nose is clogged, as breathing is done through the mouth.
- Mucus gets thicker, as it is deprived of air and moisture, making it harder to release and leading to further blockage.
- Head pressure and facial pain are next when there is inflammation and swelling in the sinuses.
- A blocked sinus causes mucus not to drain properly. This results in mucus seeping to the back of the throat and beginning to drip, also known as post nasal drip. This condition can irritate the throat, causing it to redden and sore.

Because of these reasons, it is important not to simply ignore a blocked sinus. A blocked sinus can last for weeks and months if left untreated.

How to Clear a Blocked Sinus Naturally
Medications are often used to get rid of blockage in the sinus. But with side effects commonly associated with use of any drugs, many people prefer using natural treatments. Here are some ways of clearing a blocked sinus naturally:
1. Increasing humidity in the air is necessary to keep the air moist. You can use a humidifier to improve the humidity levels. You can also boil a pot of water over a stove, with the vapor adding humidity to the room. Another option is to sit in a bathroom with the hot shower running for a few minutes.
2. A warm compress placed on your head, over the nose and sinuses, can do wonders for your blocked sinus. It can loosen the mucus so it can drain properly. You can use a simple towel or washcloth soaked in warm water. You can also purchase a warm compress from the nearest drugstore.
3. Eucalyptus and menthol in steam treatment is recommended, as it is effective in relieving congestion and draining mucus. You can add 3 drops of eucalyptus oil in a pot of boiling water and start inhaling. Also, you can put a few drops in your handkerchief and sniff once in a while.
4. Another effective option would be medicated irrigation. This latest form of treatment entails irrigating or washing the sinuses with medicated saline solution. It works by cleaning the nasal passages of excess dirt and mucus, as well as moisturizing the nasal membranes of the nose. Saline rinse kits are often available in the nearest drugstore.

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