In today’s world, digital marketers are constantly competing for their target audience’s attention. Marketers are publishing more content than ever before in order to stand out. As a result, consumers are bombarded with content from a variety of sources, and they can’t possible read everything they’re interested in, even if they wanted to.

Clearly Blue is a good solution to this question. Clearly Blue is a Specialist Content & Design Studio. The company’s forte is superb content (be it written, visual or video), a great understanding of technology and the experience to make these work together to help your business grow.

Read along to know more about Clearly Blue in the following interview with Insights Success a business solutions magazine.

Kindly mention in detail about your company/institution.

Clearly Blue is a knowledge services and solutions firm working with healthcare, education and B2B technology companies. We have three verticals – learning, content marketing and design.

Brief us about the featured person and his/her journey in the e-learning space.

Clearly Blue was founded by Padmaja Narsipur, who returned to India after working for Intel Corp. USA. Previously a software engineer, she was trained in e-learning instructional design by SAP Germany. She has undertaken numerous content creation projects in the learning and marketing spaces for some of the biggest companies in the world before starting Clearly Blue.

How is technology complementing e-learning in the broader spectrum?

Technology-based learning has been around for over two decades. However, with immersive tech such as AR/VR and interactive tech such as gamification platforms, tech-based learning has become engaging. Aided by AI-driven learning management systems, educators are now able to offer personalized learning paths for learners based on their aptitudes and interests, and map those learning paths to what the industry is seeking.

How is e-learning going to shape the education industry worldwide?

E-learning is here to stay, whether as a supportive addendum to bricks and mortar learning for schools and colleges, or in a pure digital avatar for busy professionals. It will mimic real-life more and more. Our grandchildren will look back at classroom-only cohorts as quaint anachronisms.

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