Subordinates, administrators, purchasing, etc. keep you away from their bosses and the real decision makers because they fear losing something – power, ego, job, recognition, authority, etc. However, don’t assume to know what it is because you could be wrong. Get them to tell you why they don’t want you to go past them.

Stated another way; you’re blocked because the blocker hasn’t accepted you or your offering yet. They see a risk and see nothing in it for them, for you to go past them – more forms of losses. Therefore, you get blocked. Your best strategy to break the resistance is to show blockers how to win with you and/or your offering.

Another strategy to handle blockers is to go around them, but this could present serious consequences. However, be careful that you don’t block yourself. In other words, unless someone says not to go around them, there is no reason why you can’t.

Another strategy is to go along with the block, but this could cause delays for you and possibly give competition time to work themselves in.

Common Situation

Can’t Get Past the Gatekeepers

You’re blocked. You’re frustrated. You try to be polite. Yet, you don’t ask the why s/he is not letting you meet others.

Resulting Problem

Your Success or Failure Lies with This One Person.

You’re dead in the water without a clue of what to do. You have no idea if or how your message is getting communicated to the key decision makers or what the deciding criteria are. If you continue to pick at this blocker it could becomes annoying. If you tend to avoid this person, it could stall your progress further. Until the person feels there is no loss for letting you pass and/or you are the horse he can win with, s/he will block you.

Check Yourself
Score: 4=Always; 3=Most Times; 2=Usually; 1=Sometimes; 0=Never.

I have prepared a short video (<3mins) why each of these questions are important. See the links after each

1. When someone at a lower level says there is no need to go beyond him or her, do you immediately think that this person has not bought into you or your solution yet? ____
2. Do you ask (to learn) what the person’s perceived loss is? I.e. why he feels there is no need for you to go further up or out?? ____
3. Do you ask the person to tell you what it will take to have him buy into you? ____
4. Do you tend to assume you’re blocked because the person has a power or control issue? ____

Scoring: ( 1 + 2 + 3 ) – 4 = ??
( ___ + ___ + ___ ) - ___ = ___

8 or more is good; Less than 8 means read the materials in the free e-book (below).

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