Whenever you hear the words “first date”, do you tremble or smile? Having your first elite dating experience can become really awkward as well as exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. A big factor during the first date is the first impression you give to each other and how well you both connect. It is common knowledge that topics such as religion and politics are best to avoid if you want your first date to stay light-hearted. So, as you stare at each other across the candle-lit table, sitting outside coffee shop or waiting for your movie to start at the theaters, these are the questions you should be asking to guarantee that your conversation flows well.

What does your typical day look like?

Never ask the question “What do you do?” Rather, ask about how a typical day looks like for them. This question will give you more hearty answers and will allow you to learn more about your companion than just plain “What do you do” answers. You can learn if they are a morning person, the things they do during their free time and usually, their job will come up as well. You don’t need to ask about their careers – it usually comes up naturally.

Who are the most special persons in your life?

Ask your date about things regarding their grandparents, brother, sister, best friends or even their pets. A great way to learn about someone’s character is to observe how they talk about another person. Asking this question shows you the people that have the biggest impact on your partner’s life and who have helped them become the person they are today. And it is really captivating to listen to a person describing someone important to them. Boost your opportunity to find love with NetDating.dk, where great people find love.

What is your biggest passion?

This question opens up the core of an individual’s being. If your date replies with “I don’t know”, that might be a bad sign that they are not passionate about anything. However, you will usually get valuable information from a person who answers this question – from traveling to different countries, rock climbing or going to church – which will provide you some insight regarding their value system. Follow this question up with inquiries about why they are so passionate about this specific endeavor.

What are you looking for?

This is a question that gets it right down to the point. Even if it’s just your first date, ask this question to know where they are right now. While it may seem awkward, you would want to know what your date is looking for in a relationship. While some might say that it is too early to ask this during the first date, you need to know if you both are on the same page. Most people end up finding an ideal partner in Meetic because they provide amazing dating services.

What’s something you’re proud of?

Setting aside their humility - are they pleased with their accomplishments in life? Ask them which life decisions they have made that they are really glad about. Ask them when the last time they won an award was. Asking this question will help you understand a few things they really value and the things they have worked hard for.

If you have a superpower, what would it be?

This is a stupid question but it can let you have lots of fun too especially if you find your serious partner in Parship. You can tell so much about a person from their answers or lack thereof. Do they take a lot of time to think through an answer? Is the answer related to helping others? Is the power they want selfish in nature? Do they give a simple question or make a creative response? Be reminded that they will eventually ask the question back to you.

What kind of vacation would you like to have?

We often ask the question “Did you go to any vacation recently?” However, your date can answer this quickly and they might not have gone to a vacation recently. This usually results in an awkward silence which you really need to avoid if you are on a date. Rather, ask what type of vacation they would like to have. This provides great conversations and enough “getting to know” responses. Additionally, science has proven that planning to travel can land you a second date. A social science expert has conducted a research and found out that 20 percent of people who talked about traveling went on a second date, compared to just 10 percent of people who talked about going to the movies.

So, whether you are dumbfounded about your first date or just need ideas for ways to break the ice with your long-term romantic encounter in Colombian Cupid, these questions can absolutely help you get started. These are great ways to get comfortable with your date and discover the type of connection you have with them. You will never know until you ask these questions!

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