You may ask me: What’s the need to add a personal touch to a business’s live chat support?
Well, that’s because apart from the customers’ obvious needs for which they end up on your website, they also have psychological needs. Every business needs to fulfill these needs so as to turn its website visitors into paying customers! This can be easily done by adding a human touch to its live chat support so as to facilitate warmer customer-agent interactions.
Read on to discover the best tips to personalize live chat interactions:

Leverage the power of mirror and matching:
Most of you must be wondering what that actually means, right?
Well, mirror and matching is a psychological technique where one of the two parties interacting observes the other’s behavior and then inculcates the same into their own behavior.
Wondering how that helps?
Well, this the chances of the other party trusting the first one and feeling more comfortable. So, you can train your live chat agents first watch how the clients are talking to them. Thereafter, mirror the customers’ behavior so as to build a rapport and further build strong customer relationships.
Kick -off a chat session in a friendly manner:
Adding a personal touch to a live chat session starts up with a chat agent breaking the ice. And the right way to do that is to introduce oneself as well as address visitors by their name.

Now the question is: How does the chat agent get to know the customer’s name?
Well, that’s where a pre-chat survey comes into play. A chat agent can simply make use of a pre-chat survey and address the visitor with his/her name. This makes the customer feel valued and more interested in what the chat agent has to offer!

Make use of a simple language:
The key to the best kind of personalized live chat support is keeping the communication as simple and relevant as possible. Language, here, plays an important part.
So, make sure that as a live chat agent, you refrain from using complex language during service interactions. In fact, the businesses themselves should avoid using complex terminologies on the websites, marketing campaigns, blogs or other channels. This would help connect emotionally with their customers.

Assure your customers of a 24/7 human assistance:
It’s a great idea to empower your customers with an informative knowledge base, most relevant FAQ pages, chatbots, and other self-service tools. However, if there’s something that makes the customers the happiest is the fact that you offer a 24/7/365 human assistance.
So, make sure that you assure your customers about a 24/7 assistance on digital channels.

Ask for feedback:
Be open to feedback, no matter positive or negative. Enable your customers to reach out to you through every possible channel. Allow them to provide feedback regarding service quality and interactions.

This will make the customers feel valued and you’ll be able to build stronger customer relationships. Moreover, this will help eliminate the leaky points in your business.
Make use of these clever hacks so as to add a personal touch to your live chat interactions in the most efficient way and hence enhance the customer experience.

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