A pool pump is an integral part of your pool maintenance system, pushing water through the filtration system to remove debris and mitigate the build-up of algae. Pool pumps also can be unsightly and noisy. There are ways to disguise the pool pump, but it has to remain easy to access for regular maintenance.
There are many options to hide the pool equipment; from landscaping to easy fence assembling. There are also boxes that are available at hardware stores or get the best carpenter in the city and build a unique box.
The swimming pool contractors and Swimming pool filtration system is the heart of the oasis, and we all know that. However, it can be an eyesore when it comes to beautifying your backyard.
In the case of the pool equipment, you may find a way to hide it by one side of the house. But the truth is that it is best for your pool equipment to not be too far from the swimming pool builder.
• Most pool screens are available at a local hardware/home improvement store. Many, are made of vinyl resin and have many advantages like:
Cost-Effective – vinyl resin screens are easy to install. All you to do is connect the stake-simulated legs on the bottom. It will secure the panels onto the ground. Since the panels are modular and connected, they are easy to put into many different positions.
Durability – vinyl resin is resistant to all types of weather; it doesn’t fade in the sun, it won’t rust from the rain, snow, and ice; and it preserves the look for a long time. Maintenance is also a breeze; simply use a hose to get the panels clean.
Variety – you may go a bit crazy in choosing the one that goes with your garden. There are different styles available, like a picket-fence design or prairie panels. It’s recommendable to go with colors and textures that simulate real wood panels or bamboo.
• Having the right plants to beautify your backyard will also serve to protect the pool filtering system. Some of the plants that experts recommend are:
Boxwoods – grow very thick and plush, which makes it an excellent screen for big or small pool systems.
Japanese Holly – this plant not only grows full and lush, but they are also leafier and are great for creating a privacy hedge.
Daisy Bush – this hardy hedge requires sun and partial shade, and it gives great flexibility around the pool filtering system. However, it needs pruning a few times a year.
Grass to Hide Pool Equipment
Fairy Tails – this tall, hardy grass doesn’t seed and is non-invasive. It will give a charming, wispy touch to your backyard. There are other types of similar grass available, but the fairy tail is resistant to winter weather.
Yucca – is a great low-maintenance plant. Be aware in the colder months you may need to preserve them by using a cover.
Palm Trees – the great advantage of palm trees is that there is a variety to choose from. Using a short, full of leaves will help to cover the pool equipment. It doesn’t shed, and fronds won’t fall into the pool.
• Some homeowners prefer a professionally built wall around the pool filtering system. Here are some of the options available:
Wood – the ultimate in pool filter system enclosing. It provokes emotional responses regardless of the style. Best of all, it fits in almost any outdoor surrounding.
Stone – surprisingly enough, creating a stone wall with requiring an expert to make it happen and bring out the natural, classic and ageless look that stone wall provides to the property.
Glass – some modern homes go with glass panels for hiding pool filtering systems.

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